List of Parks and Open Spaces in Croydon


Western London has its own allure and beauty and has some of the best 4 star hotels with the Park Grand London being one of the best.

Anyone who is visiting London would surely not like to miss the beauty and sophistication of being in Paddington a very familiar spot for tourists. Set in the best kind of surroundings this is a great place to visit in this part of western London. London is a place that has the most attractive architecture and glorious constructions. Add to this the beautiful parks and gardens and you have a fantastic tourist spot to visit in this part of the world. What is very striking about visits to London is the convenience and facility present here and the simple etiquette which seems to be a part and parcel of everyday life. With facilities for dining and entertainment easily available London is a land of dreams for many and a destination to reminisce a great holiday. For the locals, places like Paddington prove to be a wonderful source of recreation by way of the innumerable parks one finds in and around this area. Then of course you have the comforts of 4 star hotels in London which make you feel royal and comfortable.

Parking facilities in Paddington

Parking facilities in this area are purely monitored on parking ticket basis. The lawbreakers are usually held to chore and the other travellers are given the best benefits. In fact parking tickets to the tune of around 357,000 were issued last year here and it is only the busy life here that contributes to the local economy. Baker Street, Charing Cross Road, West End area, and Cleveland Terrace are prime parking locations where people are caught their vehicles flout the rules. Tourists coming here thus are not inconvenienced and the traffic keeps moving thus avoiding any problem. Thus all those who come here to visit London are surely assured of organized parking facilities and even if you are in a tourist car, you do not have to fret for this is also being taken care of.

Parks in London

Western London is mainly famous for the beautifully maintained parks. These are the major attractions for all who come to this part of the world. The simple beauty and the natural ambience here attracts most of the tourists and they are more than happy to spend majority of their holiday time walking around these beautiful patches of green. Simple, pleasing to the eye and filled with greenery, they represent a different part of life altogether and the entire experience of enjoying the facilities here is indeed heavenly. It is a must do for all who visit London, the inimitable land of royal grace and beautiful gardens.

Enjoying the Beauty of the Parks

  • Beaulieu Heights is a beautiful woodland area lying between Upper Norwood and South Norwood. With convenient pedestrian entrances and amazing surroundings, it takes you to a totally different land.
  • Brickfields Meadow is yet another London park which is in South Norwood. It spans an area of around 4.37 hectares and has a dipping platform, a large fishing pond, a small woodland area, grassland planting, a valley and a play area for children.
  • Heavers Meadow is a magnificent patch of Greenland on Tennison Road and is a secluded, beautiful spot to be in on tours to London.
  • Coombe Wood is another lovely park to be in while you are in this part of London. This has a garden area as well as a small woodland region which lies in the old village of coombe. It lies in the London Borough of Croydon and has a perennial hatch of plants and shrubs. The mature woodland in the background only adds to the beauty and any tourist coming here would take back a memorable description of the whole place.
  • Cotelands is another interesting green area near Park Hill. Spanning 0.20 hectares it is a lovely place for a visitor and provides one with the rejuvenated feeling one search for in a holiday. It is next to a nearby school and provides you the pleasures of being in a small home away from home.
  • Duppas Hill is a historical area and has been existing for long. It has a history of recreation and sports. People say that it was a venue for jousting and in fact it is believed that Lord William de Warenne got slain here way back in the 12th
  • Farthing Downs is another open area which is cherished by tourists as well as locals. It is managed by the Corporation of London and has beautiful greenery as its main attraction. With a long strip of green grass it has many pockets of woodland to add to the beauty. It has lovely wildflowers and the greater yellow rattle is commonly found here.
  • Grange wood Park is extensive woodland here. Located in South Nor wood in London it is also managed by the London Borough of Croydon. With a station nearby this spans around 101 hectares. It has valleys on both sides and provides an exciting sight. There herbs like round headed ramp ion and man orchid are commonly found here. There are trees like midland hawthorn and sweet wood ruff which are common here.
  • Heaver’s Meadow is another beautiful park and has a lovely footpath through a flood meadow.

London – An Interesting Place to Enjoy Parks

It is interesting to be in a place which has a fascinating history to boast of. Add to this, the warmth of the locals and the trip to this beautiful place would never be without adventure and excitement. London the beautiful land of parks and gardens also provides you the most sophisticated experience in its beautiful hotels. Come here and enjoy the fun and excitement involved and also bask in the comforts and pleasures offered by the hotels here. Surely it is a wonderful travel experience and the greenery only adds to the overall travel ecstasy.