London Fashion: How to Dress Like a Local While on Holiday

What to Pack for London

When you’re on holiday, the last thing you want is for the locals to know you’re not one of them. This is especially the case in London. Leave the bumbags, fleeces and walking boots stowed away in your bag at the Park Grand London Paddington, and prepare to embrace the London look.

London is a hugely diverse and multicultural city, and the fashion reflects this. Sit in a café to people watch, or look around at your fellow passengers on the tube. You will see women in saris and in exercise gear. Men in corduroys and in shorts. You will see duffle coats and trench coats in equal numbers and a variety of colours and muted hues mixed with bold, head-turning prints.

By staying in one of the hotels near Queens Gardens you can easily travel to nearby shopping centres such as Westfield London, Kings Road Chelsea and Oxford Street to pick up some of the London clothing essentials if you feel inspired.

London fashion staples

If you want to blend in with your fellow Londoners, here are some easy rules to bear in mind when packing your suitcase for the Park Grand London Paddington, and some basic clothing essentials to consider.

Casual v smart?

London is generally a fairly casual city in terms of dress code. Office workers based in financial hubs of the City and Canary Wharf will usually don formal business attire for work, although men are not generally expected to wear ties and women will more commonly be seen wearing flat shoes. In creative and retail industries, it is acceptable and normal to wear jeans to work.

There is no dress code when you go to the theatre, although some spectators will wear dressier clothes – and see it as an excuse to ‘make an effort’, as we Brits say. Some restaurants, bars and clubs might impose a dress code such as no trainers or hooded sweaters and also might request that men wear shirts. This really will depend on the establishment, it’s worth checking if there is a dress code in advance if you are headed somewhere a little more upmarket. Ask your concierge at the Park Grand London Paddington if you need some advice.

Layer up

With the changeable weather in London, layers are recommended for all of the four seasons! Although the UK has a reputation for being wet and cold, during summer you will experience glorious sunshine and sometimes blazing temperatures around 30 degrees celsius. You never know where a day in London will take you, so it’s good to be prepared in case your sunny afternoon walk takes a spontaneous turn and you find yourself dancing away the night in Soho.

Comfortable shoes

You’ll often see Londoners heading to work in their office clothes, but wearing comfy running shoes for their commute which they’ll switch out of once they get to work. Female Londoners love flat shoes, boots and trainers (you may know them as sneakers). Join them, and make comfortable shoes your number one priority.

London is a city where people walk a lot, and they walk fast, therefore comfortable shoes are the way to go if you want to blend in. If you limp around the Natural History Museum or nurse a blister on the night bus, the Londoners will suspect you’re not one of them.


Ripped jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, baggy jeans, cut-off jeans. Londoners love their denim, in whatever shape or form. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down, and go from work to play. A well-cut pair of jeans makes a Londoner feel confident but comfortable.

Show your stripes

Londoners generally will wear fairly muted colours or stick to a three-colour rule, and favour simple-fit clothes. But, they also love to add a touch of character to their ensemble. For example, men will add a pair of novelty socks which peek out from the bottom of their trousers, or cufflinks which reflect something they like. Women may opt for an eye-catching necklace or a quirky pair of boots or a vibrant printed top – don’t be afraid to dig out something that will get you noticed!

London’s fashion by season

London technically has four very distinct seasons. Breezy springs, hot summers, crisp autumns and snowy winters. However, the weather doesn’t always play by the rules, so do come prepaid for a little bit of everything.

Spring Fashion Tips

  • Layers are year-round London apparel, but spring is the season for serious layering. The sun is growing stronger during each day, but once a patch of a cloud passes over it or the evening arrives, you’ll want something over your shoulders. Carry a cardigan, light jacket or a pretty scarf with you for any climate emergencies.
  • April showers strike frequently throughout spring, so consider travelling a light waterproof with a hood, or an umbrella.

Summer Fashion Tips

  • Women will appreciate flowing maxi dresses and skirts, culottes and shorts to keep cool but feel stylish. Pair these with comfortable sandals or trainers so you can wander between sights and the hotels near Queens Gardens in comfort.
  • Nobody wants a tan-line, so always remember the sunscreen and a sunhat during summer.

Autumn Fashion Tips

  • As summer draws to a close, and evenings become cooler again – Londoners favour a leather jacket, paired with that London staple of jeans and a pair of If you’re not keen on leather, a slouchy blazer will do the trick.
  • Men and women alike will appreciate knitwear during autumn, think ‘autumnal’ colours such as burnt orange, mustard and warming burgundies.

Winter Fashion Tips

  • A brightly coloured peacoat to throw over darker layers will add a splash of colour to your outfit and cheer you up on gloomy, grey days. Men will feel snug and stylish in Chesterfield overcoat, especially if they want to make a fashion statement.
  • Accessories to keep you warm are key; think scarves, gloves and bobble hats which you can buy at the Christmas markets sprinkled all over the city. These items can easily be removed whilst travelling by tube and when nipping in and out of buildings.

Ready to start packing?