London Means Business – Top Tips For A Successful Work Trip

business trip to london

London is one of the financial hubs of the world. With areas acting as the beating heart of media, finances and tech, the business possibilities are endless when it comes to corporate stays in the city. Every year sees countless fairs, conferences and talks, all centred on different areas of the business world.

With the business playpen of London comes a lot of organisation. You’re not just here to enjoy the culture and nightlife, although that might play a part in your corporate hospitality plans. Ensuring that your meetings run as smoothly as possible is all down to organising your trip and getting a handle on your clientele.

Not all city slickers and CEO’s dress in a tie and suit. Some of the richest business owners in the world are known for their casual demeanour and eccentric mannerisms. Just take a lineup of Silicon Valley big wigs and you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for students!

With so many cultures and traditions flocking to London, we’ve broken down the business side of the city into manageable chunks. Whether you’re staying at the Park Grand London Paddington for one night or a whole month, appearing on top of things will no doubt help you land that deal, show your worth or establish new connections in this vast, multifaceted business centre.

Which airport is best for you?

There are five airports to choose from in London. If you’re travelling from abroad then the airport you choose to travel into will be crucial for quick access to your accommodation and business meetings, especially if you’re flying in on a tight schedule. With each airport bringing in a varying footfall and offering easy access to different sectors of the city, it’s up to you to pick the right one for your needs, and the best prices for you or your clients.


Gatwick airport has central links into Victoria Station and the South of London. With commuter hubs such as East Croydon and Clapham on the thirty-minute train line from this South Eastern airport, Gatwick airport is the second busiest in the London zone.


The busiest airport in Europe, and the largest in London, Heathrow is a half hour train journey from Paddington Station and can be found at the end of the Piccadilly Line. This is the best airport in London for access to West London and consists of 5 terminals which service every continent in the world.

City Airport

City Airport is based in Newham and is the best airport in London for business travellers for Canary Wharf, the main financial quarter of London. With only one runway, City Airport is a Europe-centric airport, perfect for business travellers from Zurich, Dublin and many other European business hubs.


With 40-minute trains into Kings Cross St Pancras, Luton airport is the best for travel to North London. As the 4th busiest in London, Luton is another airport which mostly serves European destinations and arrivals.


Stansted Airport is home to a direct train link to Tottenham Hale on the Victoria Line. This gives those business travellers flying into Stansted easy access to not only East London, but central as well. As an arrival and destination link to Europe, Russia and the Middle-East, Stansted is the perfect spot for business flights to Dubai, Moscow and much of Eastern Europe.

What are the financial hubs of London?

Whilst the entirety of London has many world class businesses and institutions scattered throughout its 1500-kilometer radius, there are certain areas which focus on specific professions. Knowing the insights and sounds of your specific sector will ease your journey no limit.

Shoreditch for tech

Shoreditch is East London’s hip and happening tech hub. With many startups, digital agencies and social media companies making their home in this buzzing area, Shoreditch and Old Street are thriving with trendy young entrepreneurs.

Soho for media

As the home of the West End, Soho is full to the brim with theatre, film and TV production companies, alongside music labels and recording studios. With plenty of bars and entertainment opportunities for hospitality events, Soho is the crown jewel for corporate hospitality.

Canary Wharf for finance

The East London financial sector of Canary Wharf is home to KPMG, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and many other financial giants. Based in the Isle of Dogs, Canary Wharf is easily reachable on the DLR and Jubilee Line and is almost designed for ease of business meetings and networking events.

Finding the perfect room

The right room is crucial for a well-earned rest. After a long day of hustling, you’ll want to put your feet up so making sure your hotel has all the amenities you need will massively improve your experience in the city.

Meeting rooms

Sometimes you want your partners or clients to come to you. It’s not laziness, it’s just logic! If your hotel has meeting or conference rooms on site, then ask the hotel team about prices and availability. Make sure that you’re getting bang for your buck though; meeting rooms should include free Wi-Fi, amenities and ample space for the number you’ll need. Flexibility is key for a hotel conference room.

Free Wi-Fi

WiFi shouldn’t be reserved for hotel conference rooms. Sometimes you’ll need to send a quick email from the comfort of your own bed, and easy to use, fast acting Wi-Fi should be part of your corporate suite package.

Free breakfast

Whilst this isn’t a necessity, it definitely helps for a good start to your day. Whether it’s the comfort of your home routine or you want to spoil yourself with a hearty Full English, hotel breakfasts should be flexible, catering to your tastes.


We’ve talked about internet connectivity, but transport is important too. Make sure that your hotel is ideally located for quick access to your meetings or events in the city. Whether you’re on a night tube line or want quick access to the entertainment sectors of London, the location of your corporate suite should be able to support and provide for your needs as a business traveller.