London’s Chinatown- Explore China in London


London’s Chinatown is one of the most famous and happening tourist destination in the city. It is conveniently located between the Shaftesbury Avenue and Lisle Street in the north and south respectively. It’s just within a few meters from the tourist hub of Leicester Square. The region was named Chinatown after 20th century when the neighborhood of Limehouse became home to a large number of Chinese. Once a notorious place, London’s Chinatown was also famous for opium dens and crime during the early days.

Limehouse, around which the Chinatown of London is developed has a deep historical significance. It has been a major port of medieval England, but during the 19th century, the port has witnessed major expansion with Docklands. Among the new developments, mention should be made of the marina, which has been popularized in the name of Limehouse Basin. Originally, it was known as the Regent’s Canal Dock. Later, this new dock has been used to unload cargo to the Regent’s Canal.

Initially, the Lime house region was a proper slum. In due course, trade and commerce was highly flourished and with it has increased the of migration of workers in this region. Quite obviously, the region was developing gradually and later it had become a cosmopolitan region of London.

Chinese sailors also settled in this region. And since then, this area has been named as the Chinatown. This region is known for various performing arts popular in China.

While in London, do not forget to visit London’s Chinatown.