Major Landmarks of London


Westminster Abbey:

When one thinks of London, the first image that pops up in front of the eyes is that of the Westminster Abbey. Situated in the City of Westminster in the central part of the city, The Westminster Abbey is the biggest landmark of London. One’s trip to London remains incomplete without visiting the Westminster Abbey and experiencing its grandeur, architectural greatness and exploring its history. Built way back in the mid 16th century, the Westminster Abbey is a collegiate church which is governed and maintained by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. Apart from its colorful history, the Westminster Abbey also fascinates people with its architectural excellence. The facades, the interior, the statues and everything that shine inside this magnificent Cathedral, stand as finest specimens of European architecture and engineering of the bygone eras.

Clock Tower & Big Ben

Another structure that stands as an icon of the UK capital, is the Clock Tower in the Palace of Westminster. Situated by the Westminster Bridge on River Thames, the Clock Tower is among the most known structures in the world. The tall tower clock is famous across the world for its great grandeur, its architectural pattern and of course for its reliable movement. The biggest attraction of the Clock Tower is its bell, the Big Ben. The Big Ben is the largest bell in the Clock Tower and is famous for its chimes which play the Westminster Quarters on every quarter hour.

Parks & Gardens:

Other major attractions that ornament one’s London trip are the beautifully maintained parks and gardens such as the Hyde Park, the Hyde Park Corner, the Kensington Gardens and the Green Park. Situated right in the heart of London, the Hyde Park is one of the largest Royal Parks in London. Bifurcated by the by the beautiful Serpentine lake, the Hyde Park is a huge piece of green land that apart from its breathtaking beauty offers a scope to breathe in some fresh air. One can spend hours there sitting or lying under the shadows of some century old trees or may enjoy recreational activities like swimming and boating at the snake-shaped Serpentine lake.

The London Eye:

Another major place of interest in London is the London Eye. Situated by the bank of the Thames, the London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel. Also known as the Millennium Wheel, the London Eye completely justifies its name as it offers a breathtaking bird’s eye view of London. With its 32 enclosed, air conditioned passenger capsules, the London Eye offers a heavenly ride.

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