Maslenitsa Russian Festival 2014


We keep waiting for the dreary and utterly cold winter season to end and for spring to arrive. Its arrival is celebrated at various places in the world with different celebrations but the Maslenitsa Russian Festival in Trafalgar Square is a unique event that combines Russian orthodox religious celebrations with an older pagan festival that welcomes the arrival of spring. Malenitsa Russian Festival 2014 will be held on 2 March 2014 by transforming Trafalgar Square into a large entertainment zone with live music, children’s shows and dancing. You will thoroughly enjoy watching and interacting with folk musicians and entertainers performing traditional Russian songs and dances.

At the Malenitsa Russian Festival 2014 at Trafalgar Square in London, you will also get the opportunity to taste delicious Russian food, such as beef stroganoff, borscht (beetroot soup) and pelmeni (dumplings) from the stalls set up at the venue. You can get the feel of Russian culture that will be presented at the bustling bazaar and the cultural activities that will take place there.

Malenitsa, which is a Russian Sun Festival, is traditionally a family event and at the Malenitsa Russian Festival 2014 in London, the end of winter and the start of spring will be celebrated with a children’s marquee programme featuring exclusive performances, a presentation of Maslenitsa traditions, with audience interaction, performances of traditional songs by children’s groups and plenty of competitions, games and fun.

The richness and diversity of Russia’s musical heritage will be celebrated in a buzzing programme of dance, theatre and folk, pop and jazz music. Original Russian Art, handicrafts and souvenirs, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary will be sold in the bazaar at Trafalgar Square.