Modernity meets Tradition


One of the most beautiful cities of the world has a lot to offer when it comes to museums. They are an ideal way to discover lesser-known artefacts, know more about the history and various other facts of London. Following are 10 of the most unique museums jotted down:

1.       Fan Museum, Greenwich

The only museum in the world which is dedicated to fans has a collection of about 3,500 fans which dates back to 18th century till the present.

 2.       Cartoon Museum, Holborn

Opened in 2006, this small museums filled with cartoons will bring back the memories of your childhood and will tickle the fancy world in you.

 3.       Magic Circle Museum, Euston

It is a private club which gives an insight to as to how world’s greatest illusionists operate. Famous props like Harry Houdini and Chung Ling Soo can be seen with the help of a guide.

 4.        The Crime Museum, New Scotland Yard

Better known as Black Museum, this one has an extensive number of weapons which have been used to commit murders or serious assaults in London.

 5.       Old Operating Theatre, London Bridge

At times when anesthesia was unavailable, the medical equipment was primitive and surgeries were terrifying. This museum gives you an opportunity to experience the same conditions as you can volunteer to be ‘operated on’ or just watch it from above.

 6.       Sherlock Homes Museum, Baker’s Street

The location of this place is the same mentioned in the Sherlock Homes series. The museum features waxworks, Victorian ephemera and a very popular gift shop selling Sherlock Holmes collectibles and novelty items.

 7.       The Vault at Hard Rock Cafe, Park Lane

This place holds valuable musical mementos like the guitar used by Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash in the November Rain video, a harpsichord frequently used by The Beatles and, strangely, one of Madonna’s old credit cards.

 8.       Freud Museum, Hampsted

When Sigmund Freud and his family escaped from the Nazis annexation of Austria, they occupied this space and stayed there till the death of Sigmund’s daughter. It was her wish to convert it into a museum after she died.

9.       London Fire Brigade Museum, Southwark 

Housed in what was once part of the original Southwark fire station, it is one of the most intriguing museums which exhibit historical fire engines and Victorian-era gear room.

 10.   The Cinema Museum, Kennigton

This one appreciates the pre-digital days having extensive collection of photographic images, old cinema posters, antique cinema fixtures and many more. If you are a cinema enthusiast then this should be a must visit.