This Month At The Tate Britain


The Tate Britain is a great example of what London has to offer in terms of art and culture. The museum showcases work from some of the best British artists over the last 500 years. At the Park Grand London Paddington we appreciate the cultural value of quality art, so we’ve put together a list of events and exhibitions to look out for at the Tate Britain throughout June.

Forms in Space…by Light (in Time)

This installation by renowned artist Cerith Wyn Evans is a truly unique masterpiece. The exhibit is made from around 2km of neon tube lighting, which has been pieced together to create an awe-inspiring piece of art. The exhibit sits at the centre of the museum in the Duveen Galleries, where it is suspended from the ceiling. The intricate design is presented as if the artist had been painting with light to create a spectacle that is sure to amaze visitors. Cerith himself will be presenting a talk on June 16, where he will explain the process of creating his exhibit and the inspiration behind it.

The Tate Britain

Queer British Art 1861 – 1967

This exhibit aims to celebrate the history and the artistic contributions of Britain’s LGBTQ community. Homosexuality in the UK was decriminalised 50 years ago and since then the country has seen a number of progressive movements that have improved equality in the UK. The Queer British Art installation has been set up to coincide with the anniversary of this turning point in Britain’s social history. The display showcases work from artists who were supressed throughout history. Included will be artefacts, paintings, photographs and even films that express the positivity and diversity of the countries artistic community. This is a great chance to see some amazing artwork and also to learn more about the LGBTQ community.


In this unique performance piece by Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson, spectators will gain a closer insight into human behaviour. The project focuses on the interactions between people and how they work together and against each other. The piece was developed as a way to explore the concepts of cooperation and independence. The live demonstration is accompanied by a video of the same nature, which is played on loop in the gallery. For anyone who wants to see a different style of art that will get you thinking, this is worth watching.

Show and Tell

The Tate Britain is now giving visitors the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and browse the amazing collection of artwork in their archive. This unique opportunity will be available for a limited time only and will give art lovers the chance to see rare and unseen material. The events are hosted by the museum archive staff who will take you on a journey through the history of Britain’s best art.

The boutique Hotel Paddington in London is a great place to start your journey thanks to is ideal location and public transport links. Be sure to let us know about your experience if you decide to take advantage of these wonderful events at the Tate Britain.