Mother’s Day London 2014


Mother’s Day London will be celebrated on 30th March 2014 and many special events have been planned at numerous London venues. The celebration for expressing our love and gratitude to mothers always falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent. It is a day when we honour and celebrate mothers and give them gifts while helping them with everyday chores. It is a very popular festival that has been commercialised just like Christmas celebrations. Most London hotels, restaurants and other attractions of the city experience a surge of visitors for treating their mothers with luxury.

Most families in London and throughout UK organise get together of their members and generally they go out to a restaurant or theatre before going to a London hotel. The most common gifts that are given to mothers are chocolates and flowers. If you wish to do something unique on Mother’s Day London 2014, you can organise a family day out, have a nice dinner or go on a cruise or attend a West End musical. The basic idea is to do something to show that you care for and love your mother and give her full attention.

In UK, mothers are traditionally given red roses and many people make an almond cake called ‘Simnel Cake’ for their mothers. Flowers are available everywhere in London and as such you can buy flowers and even a simple cake to give to your mother with all your love. Family reunions have also been a distinctive feature on Mother’s Day in London and the UK. On Mother’s Day London 2014, you should shower your mother with all your love and gifts for thanking her for all that she has done for you.