Museums And Other Iconic Attractions Near Paddington


Paddington isn’t just best-loved for its shopping and dining options, which are some of the finest in London: it also has a wealth of innovative and interesting attractions and museums, which visitors flock to each and every year. Whether you like art, or like learning about history or science there’s something for everyone in this iconic district. If you stay at the luxurious Park Grand Hotel Paddington you will find that after a perfect night’s sleep you will be ready to take on the city and explore all the attractions Paddington has to offer. You can learn a lot from many of the museums, and galleries in this area, which is great if you’re interested in some of the most important people in the history of art and culture. It’s really with checking out some of these amazing places, as you can get some invaluable information about the world, as well as having a fun and stimulating time in Paddington.

The Science Museum

science museum london

One of the most Famous Attractions Of London, is The Science Museum. This fascinating museum houses thousands of interactive displays and objects and is a truly interesting place to visit if you’re in London. Some of the museums most famous exhibits include Charles Babbages’ Difference Engine No.1 and the iconic Stephenson’s Rocket. The Science Museum contains whole galleries devoted to subjects such as space and time, medicine, and telecommunications. This is a great place to take children and is perfect for the whole family as you send the day learning about the various subjects. The museum also has an IMAX cinema which shows incredible science films in 3D. When you’re done looking around and learning you can grab refreshments from some one of the numerous cafes, and there’s even a picnic area, so pack the sandwiches and crisps! This is the perfect day out if you’re looking for something fun, informative and best of all- free.

Alexandra Fleming Laboratory Museum

alexander fleming laboratory museum

This is one of the best places to visit if you’re in the Paddington area, and it’s definitely a day trip worth planning. Here, you can find out the story behind the discovery of Penicillin with a very informative and interactive tour, and video presentation. You will have a chance to explore the actual laboratory where Alexandra Fleming first discovered the famous antibiotic, and you’ll learn in-depth about his journey and how the medicine was found. The museum will provide you with a fun day out and it is visited by thousands of people throughout the year. This is an attraction that offers you an invaluable learning experience, so make a day out of it and head down there with friends or family, when you’re in the area.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is one of those places you have to visit once in your life, as it one of the most bizarrely entertaining places in the whole of London. If true-to-life wax models don’t scare you then you should consider spending your day at this museum. Since opening its doors over 200 years ago Madame Tussauds has seen millions of visitors flock through its doors, ready to be astounded by the wide variety of wax models of famous people. The museum has a number of galleries which each have their own theme like the Pirates of the Caribbean section and an area devoted to World Leaders. Aside from staring at amazing life-like sculptures you can also get involved with some brilliant interactive tasks. For example you can choose to try umpiring an Andy Murray match or entering the Big Brother diary room.