Must-Haves for Toddlers on Holiday in London

Toddlers in London

Travelling with younger children is lots of fun, and can provide a great way for them to learn more about the world while spending quality time with family. However it’s important to remember that toddlers have specific needs – and this means some careful consideration with your packing.

We’ve compiled this quick guide to help you get to grips with all those London must-haves for your next stay in the city to soothe pre-trip nerves and ensure your visit runs smoothly for all of you!

Travel Snacks

Young children can get a little temperamental when they’ve not had enough to eat, and ensuring you always have a few travel snacks with you is a great way to stave off toddler tantrums and keep their energy levels in check. Many parents worry this means they’ll have to feed their children sweets and sugary snacks, but there’s plenty of fantastic healthy options out there.

If you’re feeling creative (and eco-friendly) you could even opt for bringing your own re-usable containers and filling them with home-made treats. Making sure there’s always plenty of fuel for toddlers travelling with you ensures you’ll be able to enjoy more on your trip, and if your child has an intolerance or is a picky eater, be sure to plan this stage in advance to ensure you don’t run out (or know where to pick up some more tasty treats they’ll enjoy).

Car Seats

Bringing a car to London is not always the best idea, due to high congestion charges and difficulty finding great parking. Renting a car is also fraught with difficulties for the same reason, but if you plan on travelling far outside of the city during your visit, then a car may be an essential for your journey while staying at the Grand Park Hotel Paddington.

In this instance, a car seat for your toddler helps ensure they’re seated comfortably and safely, and can be stowed away when not in use. This clever piece of kit can also be useful if you’re flying into London and want to ensure your child’s comfort.

A Pram

Prams and baby carriers are useful for getting out and about with toddlers, and can be used to help tired children relax a little without preventing the family from exploring London Depending on the child, simply having a pram with you can be very calming for both parents and kids, and on days where it’s not needed, it can be left at your Bayswater Hotel in London.

It’s worth investing in a convenient, durable model of pram or baby carrier for your trip, so you can rest assured that it won’t break during the trip. There’s no need to spend a fortune, but economising in this area sometimes means you’ll be replacing the item long before it’s due.

A Backpack

This piece of kit is essential for storing items you’re taking with you on your days out in London at the Grand Park Hotel Paddington, and you could even invest in a separate backpack for your toddler so they feel like they’re helping out. Some backpack models for children also include reins which means you can let the child explore without losing sight of them in crowded city streets.

When packing your backpack(s), be sure to consider weight as you don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself or your toddler. Try and boil down your packing to the daily essentials needed to help your trip go smoothly, such as snacks, refreshments and any tickets or special passes you have for the journey.


Not all toddlers will need you to bring a few toys or distractions along on the journey, as unlike babies many will be distracted enough by what’s happening around them. However, bringing colouring books, stickers or a favourite doll can be a great way to help keep them entertained on long train or coach journeys. Ensuring you have a few such items with you can also keep children occupied back at your hotel, so it’s worth investing in one or two lightweight items of interest and popping them in your suitcase.

Plenty of clothing

Children can sometimes be a little messy, so it helps to over pack their clothing rather than trying to be too cautious! Plan for a few extra items in lightweight fabrics, ensuring there’s always a change of clothes available if it’s needed. The colours you choose are also a great way to help make sure kids always look and feel their best; darker clothes are great for hiding stains from a day of playing, and layering is a fantastic way to ensure kids are always dressed appropriately for whatever weather they encounter. Remember to pack a sun-hat for keeping your toddler protected from the sun’s rays, and some comfy nightwear for a great night’s sleep, too.


Packing a high factor sunscreen is very important, even in a country with a reputation for grey skies! London’s weather can be temperamental, but the summer months often bring with them many days of glorious sunshine. Stick to the shade as much as possible, and choose a sunscreen brand which is suited to delicate skin (ideally a child-friendly version). Be sure to reapply frequently, particularly if your toddler is in the sun for a long time.

First aid kit

Younger children often love to run around and play, and there are lots of great children’s play parks throughout the city where they can do just that. However, kids don’t always have perfect palace – and this means you might need a few plasters to help deal with minor cuts and scrapes. It’s best to prepare in advance, just in case. Finding a decent first aid kit for travelling is the perfect way to make sure that you have all you need to put your mind at rest – leaving you and your toddler free to get on with enjoying everything the city has to offer.