The must-see military attractions in London


If you’re a fan of the military and you’re looking to learn more about the history of conflict in Britain and around the world, you’ll find a plethora of museums, galleries and historical institutions in and around London.

After a relaxing evening in one of our luxury Park Grand Paddington suites, spend the day exploring the city and discover the historical wonders that sit inside the military institutes of London. Here are a few of the best ones that are within easy reach of the Paddington Hotel London.

Imperial War Museum

Lambeth Road, London

If you only have time to visit one military attraction while staying at our Paddington Hotel London, make sure it’s this one. The Imperial War Museum boasts one of the largest and most diverse collections of war memorabilia in the country. Stroll through the historic building and check out the incredible exhibits which showcase everything from wartime letters and trinkets to military vehicles and antique weaponry. This is the ultimate experience if you’re a fan of the military or you’re hoping to learn more about the history of British conflict.

National Army Museum

Royal Hospital Road, London

The British Army is one of the most renowned and revered fighting battalions in the world and has a history that stretches back centuries. Throughout history, the brave troops of the British Army have been on the frontlines of the world’s biggest conflicts and now you can learn more about the sacrifices made at the National Army Museum in Chelsea. Follow the timeline of the army and see how its activities, techniques and equipment have changed and evolved over time. Listen to the stories of servicemen and women and get a closer look at what it means to be a soldier.

Churchill War Rooms

Clive Steps, Westminster, London

During the Second World War, London came under heavy attack from enemy bomb raids which brought large parts of the city to its knees. In order to protect himself and his fellow leaders, Winston Churchill developed an underground bunker from which he was able to devise strategies and plan military action out of reach of German bombs. Today, this underground base of operations is open to the public as a museum. Venture down under the streets of Westminster and browse the collection of antique equipment and military documentation while hearing anecdotes from the time spent in the War Rooms.

The Guards Museum

Wellington Barracks, Birdcage Walk, London

The iconic red-clad Foot Guards are recognised worldwide for their vibrant uniforms and statue-like composure. Throughout history, this elite military unit has provided security services for a number of the country’s most prized buildings and beloved Royal Family members. The official Guards Museum is home to a vast collection of historical memorabilia such as uniforms, badges and weaponry. Millions of people every year try to capture a photo of these iconic guards and a trip to the museum is a great opportunity to learn more about the men in red.