National Gallery


National gallery is a must see place in London. It is an art museum at the Trafalgar Square. The museum was founded in 1824 and here you would find an assortment of 2,300 paintings. All the works are great and they call for a fabulous contemplation. You can take part in the collection absolutely free of cost. This one is a portrait gallery. You have so many great things to see at the place. All are outstanding and you have so much to do and appreciate. Especially, if you are a real patron of art, then you have so much to hold and enjoy at the place.

At the National Gallery your eyes receives a perfect relaxation. Here you find more than 175,000 portrait collections. Most of the portraits here belong to the 16th century. This is the best repository of art. Each day huge numbers come to the place to have a look at the paintings. All of them are unique and you cannot restrict yourself from bestowing your comments on each one of them. You cannot believe the total number of visitors coming each day. They are more than four millions in number. Some of the notable paintings of the place include Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire. This is a great portrait to talk about and you really have to deal with the inner meaning of the art form.

You even have so much to talk about van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Just take a look at the painting even on the internet. You cannot deny that you are looking at a masterpiece. Again, if you are trying to talk about a mediaeval marvel then it is time to sing in praise of Sainsbury Wing. This is more than an art form. It is a house of perfection. All the portraits at National Gallery are too good things to talk about.