Neighbourhood Guide: Earls Court


There are so many enchanting spots to spend your days in London and the Earls Court neighborhood definitely ranks near the top of the list.

Situated in the Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, this lovely part of the city is close to a number of different attractions. This means you’ll never have the same day twice new and exciting ways to explore and enjoy this part of London around every corner.

Earls Court is conveniently located within walking distance of the Park Grand Kensington London, so why not book a room and really make a weekend out of your visit? Don’t forget to pack our handy neighborhood guide to help you find your way once you arrive.

Visit a museum

natural history museum london

Educational and fun, museums check a lot of different boxes and the Natural History Museum located in South Kensington is one of the best of its kind. It’s world-famous, and for good reason given the variety and sheer volume of things for visitors to marvel at. Exhibits such as the Life and Earth galleries, the wildlife garden and the geological collections will keep you entertained and learning for hours.

Go to the theatre


Head to the Trafalger Studios and catch an evening show. The space entails two intimate rooms and presents work that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

This venue is located right in the heart of Earls Court, so follow-up with dinner and drinks and then take an evening stroll back to your pre-booked room at the Park Grand Kensington London, which is situated nearby.

Relax in a pub

We in Britain love nothing more than a good pub, and London has some of the best to offer. Make a visit to the Sherlock Holmes Pub in Westminster for some excellent pub grub and traditional ales. A perfect opportunity to discuss all the places you’ve visited in Earls Court!

Soak up the sights

Trafalgar Square london

There are loads of different sights near to Earls Court and you ought to make it a priority to see at least a handful of them while you are visiting. Trafalgar square, Admiralty Arch and Nelson’s Column are all nearby. Be sure to take your camera out with you and you can capture all of the most memorable things that you see while exploring this great city by foot.

Visit a memorial Life and Earth Galleries, wildlife garden and geological collections.Life and Earth Galleries, wildlife garden and geological collections.

Memorials are great places to visit while travelling and discovering new parts of cities. Historic and educational, they can really fill your day and teach you something you wouldn’t have known otherwise. Why not check out the Women of World War 2 memorial located at Whitehall, which celebrates the great contributions and efforts that were made by women during the war. It includes statues and memorials and is a great opportunity to appreciate something historical while discovering Earls Court.

The memorial is close to tube links, so after a day appreciating history and culture why not stay at one of the many hotels that are close to Bayswater tube station?

We’re sure that your visit to Earls Court will have been an interesting one and you will have learnt things you wouldn’t have known otherwise. After all, it’s always enjoyable to leave a place with more memories and knowledge than you arrived with.