Nothing but History left


The palace of Whitehall was the main palace of residence for the Monarchs of England during the Tudor period, today we know the main palace as Buckingham Palace. Back when the palace was in it’s prime it was the largest palace in the EU, including the Vatican, Whitehall, at the time had 1.500 rooms, it was built within 23 Acres (approximately 12 football pitches). Devastation broke out in the form of a fire in 1622 and most of the palace was burnt to the ground, there are very few original features that remain today, they include; the banqueting house, a tower and some Tennis courts that King Henry VIII had created.

King Henry VIII married two of his wives at this palace, these wives were Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour, 11 years after marrying Jane, in 1547 Henry VIII died in the palace. It was after the King Henry VIII death in the 16th century that many changes too place in the palace, Shakespeare orchestrated ‘The Tempest’ at the palace, by 1622 to 1634 many changes, including building, creating and decorating the palace took place, by 1650 it was the largest complex in England it had over 1.500 rooms at this time. The building at the time was said to have looked more like a small town as opposed to a single building. In 1961 another fire broke out at the palace and it was left in ruins, nothing but walls remained.

Today, you might not know but the palace is the home of the ministry of defence, and other political offices, it is a fascinating place that thousands of people go to year after year for grand tours and to feel and see the sights of what once was. If you are planning a trip to London and you want to include a little history then maybe you should book a tour. Whether you are staying at the Paddington hotel or in Westminster, you should make reservations for a tour to be fascinated by the history that has taken place here.

If you are traveling from Paddington then you will have to get the Central Line to Oxford Circus then the Bakerloo Line to Charing Cross, this will take you to the palace. Staying at a place like Paddington is the best of all worlds, you can have the space, the peace and beauty surrounding you, Paddington Hotel is located close to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, it offers you the most beautiful surroundings possible for the city. Because the central line runs from here you can also access any other part of the city without complications and delays, so long as you are comfortable with the under ground you will have no problems getting about the city and being able to do as you please when you please.