The October Events To Check Out During Your Stay In London


October is the month in London when everything starts to get a little strange and spooky, in the best possible way. Everyone’s gearing up for Halloween on the 31st. Before the spookiest night of the year there are plenty of events to enjoy, including German beer festivals, a Mexican culture festival, dance classes and clubs celebrating the Jazz age.


You may not be in Munich, but that’s no excuse not to take part in the world’s largest beer festival! It’s been held since the middle ages in Bavaria, but recently London has taken to hosting weekends which celebrate German beer just so that everyone can get a chance to try a new favourite lager.

Whether you’re looking to join the Camden, Notting Hill or East London festivals this year, make sure you’ve got your room at the Park Grand London Paddington ready in case your head is spinning a little by the time you’re done. Although, if you’ve lined your stomach with plenty of hearty German food like Weisswurst, Reiberdatschi or Schewinshaxe, you might fare better.


Get yourself down to Merchant Square in Paddington after you’ve booked your London Paddington hotel deals to take on the water. It might be colder in October than you’d like it to be, but surely that’s just a reminder not to fall in? Paddleboarding is simple in theory—just stand on the surfboard, keeping your balance, and use the paddle to steer yourself through the canals. You’ll get the hang of it.

Thriller Dance Class

Michael Jackson’s most popular dance move? Maybe. And now you can learn it, making sure not to overdo the ‘ghoul’ part. It takes place in King’s Cross, not far from the Park Grand London Paddington, so you can take the class before hitting your room, dressing to kill, and going out on the prowl. Don’t be scared if anyone comes to the class in a mask…but maybe run if it turns out not to be a mask at all.

Rumpus: Shipwrecked!

Get down to the Coronet in Elephant and Castle for this night of can’t miss mayhem. Search now for the best London Paddington hotel deals to get your room ready for this once-in-a-lifetime and utterly mad night.

A club night like no over, more than “2000 creatures” and 200 performers are waiting for you. Eleven rooms are packed with music and performance to sweep you away on a Hallowe’en journey, with over ten hours of fun to be had.

Theatre of Blood: The Hallowe’en Ball

The Coronet near Park Grand London Paddington plays host to the spookiest of parties once again, as the hosts pay tribute to the monsters of horror that terrified them as children and still haunt their nightmares to this day. Suzette Field is offering a Curious Invitation to any and all adults who heed her call. If you answer, be prepared for a night like no other, with a cast of over 150 performers taking you on.