One piece often missed and by passed without a second glance


Whether you are staying in hotels in Paddington, Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, or any other area of the city, there is often one piece of London, and probably the oldest piece remaining that is ignored and walked past as though it doesn’t even exists, it might not be flashy, it might not be  out standing or beautiful. But it is the oldest part of the city. Many people who visit London stay all over the city and travel to the sights, some people stay in Paddington but travel to St Pauls Cathedral, why not take an extra trip, just 5 minutes away to Cannon Street where you will be able to witness the oldest piece of the city.

It has been rumoured that this piece of history goes back as far as the Roman times. It is called the ‘London Stone’ and it is simply that, a piece of stone that is show cased and on display on Cannon Street, it has been built into a wall and many different building’s and shops have been built around it.

It might not be the most appealing piece of stone the best located or cased, but the fact that it is the oldest thing in the city means something and even just for a glance it is definitely worth a look if you are in the area. From the outside it is guarded by an iron grill, this guard has protected the stone for many years, some people believe that it brings luck and closure to the city, others see it as simply an old rock.

You might be thinking why this stone, why is it so special and why it is an different than any other roman ruin that can be found throughout the country, the simple fact is that this stone has survived wars, fires and mass destruction that we could not even imagine, even though at some point or anything pretty much the whole of London has been re built, this one stone has remained cased for centuries upon centuries.

Once over people used to travel to the city to see the stone that had been laying there longer than the city itself, today the story of the stone is very different, and no doubt many people do not even know what it is or where it is located. For the people who do know and do go to see it appreciate it, whereas the likes of me would walk past it in the street and not even realise what it is.  Something as old as this should be on display more prominent and more information should be shared about the stone, instead today it is cased into the wall with a WHSmith Newsagent wrapped around it. It almost seems a little disrespectful for something that is older than the city itself, it should be re located and housed properly.