Paddington Railway Station Nearby Area


Paddington Railway Station is the terminus for commuter services to the west of England as for example Slough, Maidenhead, Reading, Swindon and mainline services to Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Taunt on, Exeter, Plymouth, Cornwall and South Wales including Cardiff, a high quality position to hang about with the exception of there is not anything on the front door step there are Bridgend and Swansea, is popular for its natural beauty, its innovative decorations and brilliant ideas a time transport can easily be found and a lucent map is provided for the better view of the city joint venture was established in 1998 to co-ordinate the replenishment of the quarter between the West way, Pared Street and West bourne Terrace.

is a good place to stay except there is nothing on the doorstep there are many a place to visit Hotel near Paddington railway station signed with an emphasis on comportment and Chic and present day, the bedrooms are beautifully designed, . joint areLlockers there, The first station was a temporary terminus for the GWR on the west side of Bishop’s Bridge Road, opened on 4 June 1838, The first GWR service from London to Tap low, near Maidenhead, ran from Paddington in 1838.

After the main station opened in 1854, this becomes the site of the goods depot. 14 terminal platforms, numbered 1 to 14 from south-west to north-east (left to right as seen from the concourse). Platforms 1 to 8 are below the original three spans of Brunel’s train shed, platforms 9 to 12 beneath the later fourth span. Platforms 13 and 14 are within the Metropolitan Railway’s old Bishop’s Road (Suburban) .

He most amazing and noticeable feature in the paddington railway station is the glaze doomed roof over the main train shed made at the year of 1854 . It consist of three iron arches and cast iron columns.