Paddington’s Most Famous Residents

Paddington famous Residents london

Paddington isn’t just a famous London train station; it also has its fair share of famous residents too!

From cute fictional characters that have been delighting children for generations to tech gurus of the past and famous rock stars, this popular area of London certainly has its fair share of noteworthy neighbours!

Here are just a few of them…

Paddington Bear

Anyone staying at the Grand London Paddington hotel and travelling to London via train will get the opportunity to meet one of the area’s most beloved characters as soon as they arrive.

A much-loved fictional character created by Michael Bond, Paddington Bear featured in 20 original book adventures and has since been transformed into a star of the big screen thanks to several recent Hollywood movies.

Taking his name from the station he was found in, it is only fitting that a bronze statue of London’s favourite bear should grace one of the platforms here.

Located at the far end of platform seven, you’ll often find children and adults surrounding the statue taking a few selfies to take home, so it’s certainly an opportunity you won’t want to miss during your stay at our boutique hotel Paddington.

Just don’t forget to take along a marmalade sandwich as our friend is rather partial to them after a busy day meeting and greeting visitors at the station!

Alan Turing

Perhaps not a name that too many people will be familiar with, Alan Turing is very much the father of computer science.

Back in 1946, Turin was a mathematician who led the code-breaking operation at Bletchley Park thereby helping the allies thwart the Germans during the Second World War.  By solving 84,000 Enigma messages a month, Turing made a phenomenal contribution towards the allied victory and is now heralded as the father of computer science.

Those staying at The Grand London Paddington hotel may well have seen a popular film about the role that Turing played during the war.  The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, showcases the life and triumphs of this not so well-known hero of the era and also details some of the more personal aspects of his short life, so it’s well worth a watch before you arrive at our boutique hotel Paddington.

Emma Thompson

One of our national treasures, Emma Thompson was born in Paddington in 1959 and has gone on to have a varied and exciting career as an actress.

Featuring in romantic period films and the fantastical Harry Potter movies, anyone who is a fan of this famous British actress and screenwriter staying at the Grand London Paddington hotel can take a stroll around the area that this potion touting, corset wearing megastar once called home.

Alexander Fleming

Thanks to the ground-breaking discovery of penicillin, Alexander Fleming went on to save millions of lives with his medical prowess. His breakthrough also revolutionised medicine and earned him a well-deserved Nobel Prize.

If you feel like finding out more about this famous medical man’s career, you can easily visit Fleming’s laboratory as it was in 1928 to learn more about his discovery. To get there from the Grand London Paddington Hotel, ask our concierge for directions and head to Praed Street which will take you just a few minutes to reach from our boutique hotel Paddington.

Robert Baden-Powell

A famous British army officer, Robert Baden-Powell is recognised as the founder of the Boy Scouts Association and Girl Guides and also authored the famous Scouting for Boys guide that is still in print to this day.

Born in 1857 to a well-known mathematician and a theologian father and his third wife Henrietta Grace Baden Powel, Robert was one of 10 children in a bustling Paddington household.

With many green areas to be enjoyed around the Grand London Paddington hotel, you can easily imagine the young Boys Scouts creator roaming around the parks and squares in search of wildlife and other adventures.

Elvis Costello

Born in Paddington in 1954, Elvis Costello started his early life just a short walk away from our boutique hotel Paddington.

A multi-award-winning musician, Elvis began his career as part of London’s pub rock scene in the early 1970s and later became associated with the first wave of the British Punk scene.

Renowned for his thought-provoking lyrics that are more akin to poetry than a song, Costello has built up an enviable fan base that stars of the current era fail to match, making him a true star of the rock and punk scene.

The famous musician has also made several TV show cameo appearances and has parts in several films. This transition to the small and big screens has added to his popularity as a rock, jazz and blues musician and man of many artistic talents.

Joan Collins

Lovers of the big screen will undoubtedly know the name Joan Collins, but did you know that she was born and bred in Paddington? Born in May 1933 in this popular London district, Joan made her first stage debut at the tender age of nine and went on to achieve superstar status both at home in the UK and overseas in America.

Best known for her role as Alex Carrington in the 80’s American soap Dynasty, Joan also played central roles in many British films during her long career as an actress and still makes TV appearances to this day!

With so many notable previous residents having called Paddington home over the years, it might be a good idea to pack a good pair of walking shoes for your stay at the Grand London Paddington hotel so you can roam around the streets that they once walked themselves.

You’ll also notice a few blue plaques on the walls of certain Paddington buildings that stay as a lasting tribute to those that have lived in the area, so why not free up an afternoon during your stay in London and take a walk to see how many you can spot.