Perceptions are deceiving


When it comes to a city like London and the thoughts and pictures we have all seen, we all know that it is nothing like the real thing, it is so much more beautiful, magical and unless you actually feel London you will not be able to get a true experience of the city, certainly not through pictures of videos. You are able to stay any place in London but if you want my recommendations it would have to be the park Grand London Paddington, it is a central hotel that offers you wonderful surroundings of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. There are many stations about for you to be able to get about the city and for you to really explore what is going on.

So we should be talking about Perceptions & deceptions, first of all London as a whole, as mentioned is so much better in person than on pictures or in videos, then there are the houses of parliament and big ben, so much bigger in life, Great Scotland Yard, usually seen in the back ground of the news, it’s actually a street and not just a building, it has been in many famous films too, including; Atonement, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, and no Bond film would be complete without some reckless driving through London, especially in Skyfall.

There are many other deceptions to mention but the fun is going to London and being able to see exactly how much better things are in real life, London is a wonderful place and unless you visit and experience it for yourself you will never quite understand. You are able to see pictures of the crown jewels on the internet, in books and other sources of research, but actually being able to see them in Tower Bridge and in person is quite another experience. There are many other sites, especially when the doors open to Buckingham palace during the summer weeks,you are then able to get a true feel of how grand the place is. Everything about London is deceiving in pictures and on films.

There is no specific time for you to visit London, there is always something going on and each season will offer you a different experience, In the spring you can enjoy the new life that the warmth that is starting to drift through the city, in the summer you can enjoy and experience everything, from walks in the parks, outdoor sight-seeing and the embankment, the autumn will offer you beautiful colours and a change in atmosphere, winter will bring you joy and cheer, London celebrates Christmas to the extreme, and there is no place more magical than winter wonderland.