A perfect mid-week itinerary for guests combining business and leisure

London trip

Visiting London on a business trip doesn’t have to mean all work and no play. Thanks to the way the city if laid out, its abundance of attractions, cultural highlights and entertainment options – plus ultra convenient transport links, you can also make time to wind down and explore like a tourist, even if you’re in town for meetings.

Here at the Grand Park Hotel Paddington, we welcome business travellers each and, we think we have a great handle on helping them to enjoy some down time too with lots of recommendations and tips to make the most of even limited off duty free time.

One of the other benefits of staying at our Bayswater Hotel London as a business guest is that you’ll likely be staying mid-week. While there are no quiet times in a capital city, mid-week isn’t quite as hectic as weekends which means it’s the perfect opportunity to visit tourist attractions and miss the much longer queues typical of Saturday and Sunday.

1. Visit a museum in the evening

If you’re clocking off for the day around 5 or 5.30, you might think it’s too late to be able to see some of the city or visit a landmark. Not so, many London museums and some art galleries have regular late night opening hours. This means that even after a meeting or full day of business, you have time to head back to the Grand Park Hotel Paddington to get changed into something more casual and then go and see a show, exhibition or talk.

On Wednesdays, the Camden Arts Centre is open until 9pm. On the last Wednesday of each month, the Science Museum hosts Lates, which is an after-hours theme night for adults only. Many other spaces are also open late on Fridays. Over 150 art galleries in east London are open late on the first Thursday of each month too – this late night art event is called Late Thursdays.

2. Take your laptop to a pavement café in the morning

If you need to work, there’s no reason why you can’t combine it with a spot of people watching too. Take your lap top to one of London’s many street cafes or coffee houses with a view. You could be answering emails or working on that presentation while steering out at the River Thames, sitting in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament or watching street art being created in Shoreditch.

3. Check out a West End play one night

It’s often cheaper to see a mid-week performance in the West End – and what better way to relax and switch off from work during your stay at our Bayswater hotel London than escaping reality with a Tony-award winning West End show? If you find yourself in Leicester Square, the TKTS booth has same day tickets, perfect if you want to choose something on the spur of the moment if you finish work earlier than expected.