Perfect Warming Lunches For London In The Autumn


London in the autumn is a bracing prospect. People who are first-time visitors to the capital city are often surprised by how much green there is, and how beautiful it is when the leaves turn yellow, red and brown. But after a brisk walk round the entirety of Hyde Park, you’ll be ready for a sit down and a nice lunch—possibly by the fire. Why not try these traditional British lunches?

Pork pie

Any traditional British food shop worth its salt—and there are plenty of those near the Park Grand London Paddington—will serve a decent pork pie. It’s made with a simple hot water crust pastry, filled with cured pork, giving the pie the characteristic pink colour inside. It then has pork jelly poured in to help the meat hold its shape. Some versions even have a boiled egg set in the middle of the pie.

The pie crust should be flaky and perfectly cooked, and the meat should be moderately spiced and leave you wanting more.

Ploughman’s lunch

A tradition in pubs, this hearty meal is just what you need after exploring London from your base at the Park Grand London Paddington. Order a Ploughman’s and you’ll get a thick doorstep slice of bread, pickle and cheese, often coming with a pint of the local favourite beer. It’s common practice to add thick and delicious slices of ham, whole boiled eggs, pickled onions and apple to the plate, so that you get even more food for your money.

This lunch also has the benefit of giving you plenty of energy so you can spend the afternoon going around the rest of the city!

Sunday roast

A Sunday roast is a good idea on a colder day, when you want something that will warm you through to the soles of your boots. If you’ve taken on some of London’s parks and want to settle down, you should head for a traditional pub that does food and order a roast. You’ll get slices of beef, lamb or chicken, served with thick gravy, three kinds of veg, potatoes, either roast, new or mashed, and if it’s a beef lunch you’ve ordered you’ll get a Yorkshire pudding or two as well. Yorkshires are difficult to describe if you’ve never had them before, but they’re a savoury baked batter which is strong enough to act as a plate for the rest of your food.

Street food

Because Park Grand London Paddington is so central, you’ll have no shortage of street food stalls to give a go. Sample cuisines from all over the world, whether you try Vietnamese Pho, Jamaican jerk chicken, Swedish grilled vegetables or Mexican burritos. London has always enthusiastically opened its arms (and mouths) to new kinds of food that makes an appearance in the capital—one of England’s favourite national dishes is originally from India. Street food also has the advantage of being easy to eat on the go, so you won’t miss a second of exploring London.