West End-Most convenient place to stay in London


While planning a trip to a place it is very essential to decide on the venues of stays. If you are making a trip to a particular city you should try to make arrangements for your accommodation at the most convenient area of it. Being an outsider and a first time visitor, you might get lost in a new city. If your hotel is located in a major point of the city you are traveling, it would be easier to find out the correct way. In case of traveling trips convenient areas also refer to spots that offer easy access to some tourist attractions. As you do not have any idea about the roadmap of the city you are in, it will be convenient for you to stay at a hotel from where you can easily reach some important tourist spots.

London, the beautiful capital city of UK has been an unbeatable venue, in terms of holidays and traveling trips. London is among the most popular venues for travelers across the world and it gets evident from the huge crowd at the streets, tube stations and in front of the tourist spots which are created by international visitors. London attracts billions of travelers and vacationers every season in its own credit. Sources for all kinds of fun, excitement and enjoyment are available in London. For all types of people, this beautiful city on the bank of Thames has got something to offer.

London’s West End:

London is a huge piece of land with tourist attractions scattered all over and hence every corner of the city is always booming with people with different skin colors and different mother tongues. One can stay at a hotel in any corner of London. Excellent communication and frequently available transportation connect all parts of London very well with each other. But yet, a person making a maiden trip to London, the best place to stay would be the West End of London. West End covers a major area of London’s Central district and is the busiest area in the city, thanks to a number of prime tourist attractions that are located in its different sides. Yes, the West End of London is the best place to stay for the vacationers because it is the area where names like Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Clock Tower and the Palace of Westminster shine like jewels on a crown.

If this is your maiden London trip, you should look for a room at hotel that offers easy accesses to these famous spots. Situated at the Paddington area and close to the Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Bond Street and the Bayswater, Hotel Park Grand London could be an ideal choice. A property of the Famous Shaftesbury Group, The Park Grand London is recognized for its excellent choices of accommodation and magnificent dining facility which get perfectly complimented by the easy accesses to tourist spots that it offers.