Plan a trip to the London Bridge Experience & Tombs


Address: 2-4 Tooley St, London Bridge, London SE1 2SY

Anyone planning a visit to the English capital that is in need of thrills and suspense should consider a visit to the London Bridge Experience & Tombs during their stay.

Open throughout the year to give visitors an insight into the darker past of the city, tours of the London Bridge Experience & Tombs are not for the faint of heart.

London Bridge

Located in the centre of one of the busiest and most culturally diverse cities on the planet, the attraction is one that showcases London’s rich heritage of more than 2,000 years and gives guests the opportunity to immerse themselves and revel in the history of this great city.

Plenty to explore during The London Tombs tour

Following a tour of some of the most iconic eras and events of London’s rich past – including tales of terror at The Star Inn on Fish Lane in the time of Jack The Ripper, first-hand experience of the Great Fire of London and a glimpse of medieval life in this historic city – visitors will be presented with their entry to the London Tombs.

A traditional end to the London Bridge Experience, the Tombs are a fright-filled extra that takes visitors on a tour of some of the scariest parts of London history.

Once they have travelled through the Vortex into the London Tombs, guests have nowhere to go but onwards, no matter what fearful sights await in the gloom.

With evil clowns, giant spiders, a maniacal butcher and surprises around every corner, the tour is a fun-packed scarefest that will makes hairs stand on end. Indeed, it has been voted the UK’s scariest attraction on numerous occasions over recent years.

Complete with the Hellevator, the crate maze, the Basement of Lost Children, an appointment with the Doctor (he’s not all that he seems) and much more, the London Tombs are a bone-chilling onslaught of terror and excitement for those that love a good thrill.

If the frights become too much for some though, guests should simply make themselves known to their tour guide and they can be pulled from the action. Staff are on hand at all times and visitors should be assured they are always in safe hands.

Age parameters for The London Tombs tour

Visitors of all ages are welcome to take part in the London Bridge Experience & Tombs tour. However, for visitors with children there is also the option of foregoing the scary parts with a Guardian Angels Tour.

Available for groups of children aged from five to 15 and their chaperones, the Guardian Angels Tour gives guests the opportunity to learn all about the darker side of London over its long history, but without the fear that anything frightening will pop up out of the dark.

Visitors will pass through all of the same locations in the Tombs as the general tour, but all of the actors in gruesome attire will not be present.

Anyone that would be interested in signing up for a Guardian Angels Tour should make themselves known to staff upon arrival. The cost of entry for a Guardian Angels Tour is the same as for the regular tour.

Admission and opening times for the London Bridge Experience & Tombs

Opening times for the London Bridge Experience & Tombs are Monday to Friday between the hours of 10.30 am and 5 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am until 6 pm.

Meanwhile, tickets prices for those hoping to enjoy a tour during their time in the English capital are:

  • Adults (aged 16 years and over): from £20 per person
  • Juniors (aged from five to 15 years): from £15 per person
  • Students (aged 17 and over with valid student ID): £16 per person
  • Seniors (aged 65 and over): £16 per person
  • Families (two adults aged over 16 and two children from five to 15): £60 per group

Tube stations near the London Bridge Experience & Tombs

Anyone hoping to reach the London Bridge Experience & Tombs with the minimum of hassle should consider planning their travel via the famous London Underground network.

  • London Bridge (Jubilee and Northern lines)
  • Monument (Circle and District lines)
  • Borough (Northern line)

Travellers hoping to avoid the stresses of travel by car can also make use of nearby overground rail links at London Bridge Station, while a large selection of regular bus services also make this one of the best-connected areas of the city.

Full details of all public transport options, including timetables, station opening times and service updates, can be found by visiting the Transport for London website.

Nearby parking options for visitors

That said, there are many options available for anyone that wishes to hire a car and drive during their time in London, with a range of local parking facilities including:

  • The Shard Parking (0.2 miles, four minutes’ travel time on foot)
  • NCP Car Park London Bridge (0.4 miles, seven minutes)
  • Borough Market Parking (0.3 miles, six minutes)
  • Crucifix Lane Car Park (0.3 miles, seven minutes)
  • Newington Causeway Car Park (0.8 miles, 17 minutes)
  • Q-Park Tower Bridge (0.7 miles, 14 minutes)

Visitors should remember that traffic volumes can be high during the busy morning and evening rush hours in central London. It is therefore advisable to plan journeys in advance and to pre-book parking when possible.

Other attractions in the local area

All those hoping to enjoy the pleasures and thrills of the London Bridge Experience & Tombs might also like to make their way to see the many other local attractions that are available in this vibrant and bustling part of the English capital.

Visitors to the area hoping to make the most of their time in London might like to check out:

  • Coca-Cola London Eye (1.7 miles, 12 minutes’ travel time via public transport)
  • Tower of London (0.7 miles, 12 minutes)
  • The London Dungeon (1.7 miles, 13 minutes)
  • Tower Bridge (0.5 miles, six minutes)
  • Sea Life London Aquarium (1.6 miles, 13 minutes)
  • Golden Hinde II (0.3 miles, six minutes)
  • Shakespeare’s Globe (0.6 miles, seven minutes)
  • The View from the Shard (0.1 miles, three minutes)
  • Temple Church (1.4 miles, 13 minutes)
  • Monument to the Great Fire of London (0.4 miles, eight minutes)
  • Museum of London (1.2 miles, 16 minutes)
  • IWM (1.4 miles, 18 minutes)
  • Tate Modern (0.8 miles, nine minutes)