Plan for a better London for all


Many people often ask and wonder what is the London Plan, well it is simple, it was a document that was regionally published and developed by the mayor in 2004, since then it has been reviewed and changed, although the true meaning behind the plan has remained the same, to make London and the outer towns a better more beautiful place for everyone. The plan is something that is going to take years, it has been in production and changes have been happening since 2004, so a decade as passed and it is only expected to be completed by 2031. The changes and developments include things like the motorways in and around London, the rail networks that link London to other parts of the country.
The objectives for greater London have been revised and developed and the final 6 objectives are:

Making sure London meets the needs of economic and population growth
Ensuring London is a diverse city, strong, secure and accessible
Keeping London successful and competitive
Making the city an environmentally friendly one
Ensuring London is a city that delights the senses
Keeping London a safe, easy, convenient city and for everyone to access work, opportunities and facilities.

It goes without saying that the plans are put into place to benefit the people of the country, the city, employer and employees, migrants and tourist. London is one of the cities of the world that millions of people all over the world visit, not only because of how accessible and accepting it is, but because it is a place that fascinates people and the people of London are put first, the needs of the people come above and beyond anything else.

We are a very patriotic country and there is a sense of ‘togetherness’ and united fronts that line the streets of London, someone is always on hand to protect an stand for someone else, like with every city there are gangs and feuds but overall people do get along and protect what they believe is theirs. The London plan is put into place and has been worked on to make the city even better for people who live there and who visit and for the future of London, the children of today are the future of tomorrow and it is them who will be able to see and witness the benefits of the plan and who will never know any different as the city will grow and develop with them. Us adults can see the changes happening but will probably not live out the full benefits, building today for tomorrow’s better future for everyone. By 2035 London will be unrecognizable in comparison to what we saw in London 15 years ago, it might seem a little farfetched and long winded but it will be worth it for the future of the city.