Popular Areas to Look for Budget Accommodation London


London remains one of the top tourist destinations in the world without any doubt. Every year millions of vacationers as well as business travellers visit London and leave with a warm smile on their faces. What makes this city so unforgettable? Well, one reason could be its diversity in terms of places to see and things to do. There is an endless list of things to do in London, there are palaces and monuments which you can visit, if you have a knack for history and science, you can visit more than 300 museums located all across London, if you love arts and culture the city’s art galleries and exhibitions will make you feel mesmerized.

But most of the travellers complain that the city is exorbitantly expensive. If you plan your trip to London in advance and that too with keeping in mind all the intricate details like where to eat and how to travel from one place to another you can do a lot of cost cutting. First step you need to take is to look for the options of cheap accommodation London. The city houses more than a million hotels belonging to various different genres. You need to make a list of budget hotels available in the area where you want to stay while being in London.

Maximum numbers of vacationers prefer staying in the Central London areas because the attractions are close by. You can opt for a cheap accommodation London located in the heart of the city. The popular centrally located areas where you can find decent yet affordable accommodation options include:

  • Earls Court – An array of small independent hotels. The area which was once a wasteland has now become one of the most popular hubs for budget travellers.
  • Paddington – The main reason why people choose Paddington is the easy accessibility to public transportation. Accommodations are located in a peaceful environment.
  • Kensington – The hotels are a little more expensive as compared to Earls Court and Paddington accommodations but the quality is much better. The neighbourhood is friendly and majority of attractions are just a few minutes away.