Pre-Booking a Hotel in Paddington, London


Heathrow Airport is the main airport of London from where maximum passenger traffic flies in and out of the city. Vacationers prefer to stay in the Central London but airport lies a good 60-90 minutes away from the airport via road or even via the underground tube network. But if you opt to stay in a hotel in Paddington, you can reach the airport in less than half an hour through the special link called the Heathrow Express which can be boarded from the Paddington Station which lies in the very heart of the city.

Therefore if a traveller opts to stay in a Paddington accommodation, he/she can reach the airport in far less time as compared to any other Central part of the city. Paddington is a small locality, somewhat less glamorous as compared to other parts of the city. The hotels located in this area are also small independent budget hotels and bed and breakfast arrangements, mostly run by the owners of the establishment themselves without any additional help. Since these accommodations are simple and basic in nature, they are not at all expensive.

In fact these options of hotel in Paddington area are among the cheapest accommodation options you will get anywhere in this city. But make sure the hotel you have finalised for your stay provides at least the basic facilities and is clean and hygienic. Otherwise you will be highly disappointed later on and if you try to look for a hotel on the very last minute, you won’t be able to get a fair deal. Pre-booking a hotel in advance is highly recommended but make sure to review the concerned hotel’s website quite carefully before making a final reservation.

You can look for reviews from the previous guests of that hotel on the internet as well. You can find such reviews on popular hotel booking websites and travelling forums. Once you have conducted your research properly and are satisfied regarding the quality of your stay, then only make a final booking online. But the scenario is not really that bad as it sounds, you will be able to find a decent enough hotel in Paddington quite easily.