Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green


Paddington is a district in west London. It is a part of city of Westminster. It was made part of greater London in the year 1965.

Places to visit Paddington has plenty to offer visitors. From sports and arts to shopping and entertainment, it is all there. The fictional character Paddington Bear is a icon of global popularity.  Another famous line that had historically put Paddington on the High popularity chart with other countries was the song – Pretty Polly Perkins of Paddington Green. It is the title of an English song, composed by the London music hall and broadside songwriter Harry. The song was   first published in 1864. The title song is about to the district of Paddington in London. The song gained a place in the canonical Oxford Book of Comic Verse, and the original manuscript of “Polly” is now placed in the Bodleian Library.

Historical Importance

It was adapted by the USA during the American Civil War, re-titled “Polly Perkins of Abington Green”. Supposedly the new title referred to Abington Green, Georgia, in the state of Atlanta USA. It was also published fairly early in its existence as “Pretty Polly Perkins of Pemberton Green”.

The tune of the song with it new lyrics, seeped into the Australian bush and farming culture, among outback farmers and sheep shearers, in the song “One of the Has-beens”.

The song started getting so popular that, in the British Royal Navy, and in the Royal Australian Navy, sailors with a surname of Perkins are traditionally given the nickname of ‘Polly’.

In the movies – The chorus of the song has been sung in the movie “Zulu” released in the year 1964. Again in the 1970 movie – “The railway children”, the chorus is sung. Another place of reference is In John Mortimer’s – “A Voyage Round My Father” where it is shown as the narrators Father’s favorite song. In the movie – “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”, the heroine has the name Polly Perkins.

Today with the advent of internet and social media sites and online lyrics being available online, the song still goes on. No doubt that the song has helped in creating an image of Paddington as the quintessential British city epitomizing the better facts of British living style.

Along with Paddington Bear, Polly Perkin as an image of art and literature has played has contributed to the growth of a District.