Queen’s Gardens, Hull, And The Place For The Green Beauty


London is known for the natural beauty. There are many parks in the city where you can enjoy the real beauty of the nature. Queen’s garden is one of the best green places in the city where you can get to see the real natural beauty in the most beautiful city.

Queen’s Gardens are a gardens sequence in the central place of the Kingston upon Hull, England. These gardens are located within a 9.75-acre (4 ha) area that was filled with waters of Queen’s Dock till 1930. As the dock was not completely filled up, the gardens are very below the stage of the nearby streets.The gardens have a central boulevard of trees lined with the Wilberforce Monument to the east, which is made up by a pool of fountains.  The statue of William Wilberforce is located on the top of the large Doric column,which was shifted to this site in the year 1935 and this was previously subjugated the gardens.

Many visitors arrive at the gardens from the west side. They come via a circus of flower gardens that is on the street level and in the area of the “Rose bowl” fountain.  There are many steps which have comedown from this place into the main place of the sunken gardens.One side of the central avenue are wide areas of lawn, speckled with smaller borders jam-packed with perennials, and one more two large fountain pools. The formal central axes of the gardens are now lowered by the post-war planting of Japanese cherry trees in the central avenue; many of those are now matured and showing symptoms that they are trees. Landscapes from the Rose bowl gardens into the main gardens are also obstructed by overgrown shrubberies on the gradient between the two levels.

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