Quick things to see at Kensington Palace between meetings for corporate visitors


If you’re visiting London for an important meeting, it doesn’t mean that your stay should be all work and no play.

Located just a short stroll away from The Park Grand Hotel Paddington, Kensington Palace has some fantastic exhibitions, tours and things to see if you have a little spare time in between your business meetings.

Read on to discover some of our favourite highlights and why you should make a visit to this historic attraction the next time you stay at one of our Hyde Park Paddington Hotels.

Diana – her fashion story


For those lucky enough to be staying at The Park Grand Hotel Paddington for business before the end of February 2019, you can pop across to Kensington Palace to view the world-famous collection of iconic outfits worn by the late princess Diana in this new exhibition.

A perfect way to break up the day, Kensington Place is just a few minutes’ walk through Hyde Park from our Hyde Park Paddington Hotels, so it’s a great way to clear your mind after your meeting.

Victoria Revealed

Discover the woman behind the crown in this unique exhibition that has been inspired by the queen’s own private journals and diaries during her sixty-three-year reign.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace was Queen Victoria’s childhood home, and visitors can uncover some surprising aspects about her life by popping over to view the exhibition which now also features some exquisite jewellery given to the late Queen by her devoted husband Albert.

A great way to spend your lunch break before heading back over to The Park Grand Hotel Paddington for your next meeting.

The Queen’s State Apartments

Following the marriage of William III and Mary II, Kensington Palace was built as their house of residence with no expense spared when creating the Queen’s Apartments.

William III

Beautifully maintained to this day, visitors can stroll through the series of rooms made for the new Queen and enjoy the lavish dining room, stairway and closet rooms where monarchs used to walk, entertain and live.

There’s so much to explore at the Queen’s State Apartments; it’s well worth a second visit the next time you have a gap in your busy business schedule as there’s also the luxurious King’s rooms to experience during your visit too!

The Palace Gardens

If you need some time to clear your mind following your business meetings, then the beautiful palace gardens are a must visit attraction. Discover an array of beautiful plants and shrubs, marvel at the sunken garden and feel the tension of the working week melt away as you stroll through these wonderful and historic gardens.

The palace gardens have a regular rotation of showy blooms and unusual plants on display, so no matter what time of year you visit London for business purposes, you’re sure to encounter a plethora of vibrant colours and delicate scents.