Royal Parks in London


There’s much to talk about the Royal Parks in London. All the parks are astoundingly decorated. The lawns, lake and all the leisure facilities are too good at the place. Thus, you can spend a whole lot of time in one of these favorite grounds of London. You have the Bushy Park in London. This is a good roaming place for the deer. At the spot you would find an artificial river flowing and this all the more holds the charm of the place. At the venue you have so many things to do at the same time. It is a must visit place for the children and they are left with so many options at the place.

You can even take a look at the Greenwich Park. It is known as the World Heritage Site and it is the most traditional and oldest Royal Park in London. You can really have some comfy hours here under the comfortable sun rays. The entire ground measures 47 acres and the area is so peaceful with natural trees and grasslands. You can well sit here and feel the tranquility of the atmosphere. You can even spend some best time in the Hyde Park in London. When in Hyde Park you become totally unaware of the several impediments of this more than busy city.

Within the premise of Hyde Park you find the Serpentine Lake. The presence of the Lake is sure to enhance the glamor of the place. Then you have the Rotten Row which is a fabulous track for horses to ride on. Make sure to visit the place on a Sunday evening. You can stand amidst the Richmond Park and feel great. The area of 2000 acres and there are beautiful riverside parks for you to move around and have a great time.