How to save money on a weekend away in London

Save money travelling in london

If you’re visiting London but you’re on a budget, don’t panic. It’s possible to visit the city and have a great time without overspending. London might have a reputation for being an expensive destination to visit, however, with these tips you can save some cash during your weekend away.

travel card

Get an Oyster card

London’s top attractions are spread out across the city so it’s likely you’ll be using some form of public transport during your stay, plus the Underground is very convenient. But the costs can quickly add up. An Oyster card can be used on a range of transport options and automatically applies discounts on fares. For example, if you stay in zone 1, where your boutique Hotel Paddington London and many of the attractions are located, your daily fare will be capped.

Discover the free attractions

Many of the city’s biggest attractions are free to visit. All the National Museums are free, including the Natural History and Science Museum, as well as the British Museum, Tate Modern, and the National Gallery. You can easily fill a day in London without having to open your wallet to pay for entrance tickets.

Book a walking tour

If you want to see the sights of London with the help of a guide, walking tours are a great option for seeing the city from a new perspective. Scattered throughout the city you can find free walking tours, with the option to tip your guide at the end, to consider. Alternatively, a quick search online for a region you’re interested in will bring up maps for self-guided tours if you’re looking for a walk that you can take at your own pace.


Pick your hotel carefully

A hotel might look cheaper at first glance but it’s a decision you should make carefully. A room that’s out of the city centre means forking out more for your daily travel as you’ll be crossing numerous zones to get to the main attractions. Choosing a hotel that offers deals on multi-night stays, such as the Park Grand London Paddington, can help you cut down on the final cost too.

Book in advance

If there are paid attractions that are high on your list, getting organised could save you some vital pennies too. Many of the top places offer you a discount for booking in advance. You’ll be a little more restricted in terms of when you visit but it will save you money. London Zoo, which is accessible from the Park Grand London Paddington Hotel via the 274 bus, for example, has both discounted tickets and special offers online.

Consider the London Pass

If your planned itinerary is packed with attractions that feature in the London Pass, you can save money by purchasing the sightseeing card. You’ll need to weigh up how much you’ll use it, but you can save a significant amount. Among the attractions included are the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, The View from the Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and the Churchill War Rooms.