Show in depth: Van Gogh and Great Britain

National Gallery

Van Gogh is one of the most renowned artists in the world, yet his relationship with Britain has rarely been explored in much depth. Despite this, Van Gogh was hugely inspired by his time in the British Isles, whilst also inspiring a host of British artists. A new exhibition is finally examining Vincent Van Gogh from the perspective of his impact on and experiences in Britain – here’s all you need to know…

Where can I see the exhibition?

The Tate Britain is serving as the host of Van Gogh and Great Britain, and visitors can catch this event until 11th August 2019. If you’re staying at the Park Grand Paddington Hotel this Spring/Summer, this is a unique chance to see a vast collection of creative artworks all under one roof.

What makes the exhibit special?

There hasn’t been a Van Gogh exhibition quite like this for more than a decade, and certainly not in the UK. The exhibit has brought together some of Van Gogh’s most infamous works, including the likes of Starry Night, Prisoners Exercising, and even Sunflowers, which are being lent to the Tate by the National Gallery.

Van Gogh lived in England for many years while he was a young man, and became intrigued by the country. He absorbed the local culture eagerly, including reading works by writers such as George Eliot and Charles Dickens. It wasn’t just literature which appealed, however – artwork by figures such as Millais and Constable were also cornerstones of his later work, and he first discovered them in England.

A glimpse at the real Van Gogh

This exhibition allows you to discover more about the lesser-known side of a famously tortured artistic figure, and provides plenty of creative appeal while staying at our Paddington hotels.

Thanks to its superior approach to curation, the Van Gogh and Britain exhibit helps you see each piece in a new way – whether that’s larger-scale art or the smaller and lesser-known pieces which ultimately led to their creation. Van Gogh’s time in Britain took place between 1873-1875, during which time he worked at a local art gallery and spent his time absorbing everything London had to offer. There is a sense that the exhibition has been compiled with a true love of the artist, and real respect for his work.

Inspired by Van Gogh

In addition to showcasing the work of Van Gogh, the exhibition also looks at the British artistic figures who have been inspired by his work in turn. This includes exhibiting paintings by the likes of Francis Bacon, the Camden Town Painters and David Bomberg. Through a cleverly-woven narrative, the show demonstrates how Van Gogh’s own art helped pave the way for future modern art – and should prove inspirational for budding artists visiting the Park Grand Paddington Hotel.

When can I see the exhibition?

Until 11th August 2019, visitors can see the exhibit during Tate opening hours. These hours are extended until 10pm for special events as part of the Late at Tate Britain program.