Something Ordinary Some Place Extraordinary


Deciding to take a break in London is a wonderful and exciting time for everyone, it is a place that the whole family can enjoy. There are a million and one things for you to be able to do when in London, so many attractions to see and so many places to visit, if you are looking to book trip after trip, sight after sight then you will know how busy your days are going to be.

I remember a trip to Hollywood one year, I had just flown in from New York, spent time in Vegas then carried on to Hollywood before heading home, and it was here at universal studios that I did something I never thought I would. I was tired and needed to rest, so I went to the cinema and watched a Harry Potter movie, I never realised before just how relaxing it was and how much I needed it.

Now, when we are in London we often think west end as opposed to Cinema, although if you want to relax with a movie the cinema in Bayswater is a good option. I often choose hotels in Bayswater as they allow for me to be able to go to the cinema when I have spent endless hours in and around the city.  I never thought I would be a person who goes away for a break or city vacation and end up say in a cinema. It happens and I love it, I can laugh, cry, be happy have a snack, watch a film all before I go back to my room to soak in the bath or wash in the shower before a good night sleep. Watching a movie allows for me to let go of whatever has been on my mind that day, when I am over thinking things and I need to shut off, I could watch a film in my room  but the effect isn’t the same, I have control there and can easily mute the movie, take a call, check my emails and generally be distracted, in a movie theatre I know I have no choice and that I have to stay put because the movie will not be stopped for me.

Spending the time away from home for reasons other than pleasure can be stressful and daunting, if your stay is for business but your meetings are spread out you might find that you have a couple of hours to kill and if the boredom is kicking in going to the cinema could be a great distraction for you. It is a place where you can hide out and forget everything else that is going on, for the 100 minutes or so. With so much beauty to absorb in London and so many sights, even if you are not specifically seeing one thing or another it can still ne exhausting, commuting through the city can be a tiring task, so being able to find one place in the city where you can relax is important, the parks are not always accessible.