Spending a morning in Merchant Square


Merchant Square has so much going on you could spend a weekend there trying everything out! But if you’ve only got a morning, and you want to make the most of it, here are the top things you should make time for.

Be warned: some of the activities will mean that after the morning is up, you might have to go back to your Grand Park London Paddington hotel and get changed…

Find your way out of the fountains

We bet you’ve never tried a water maze before. In fact, we’re certain you haven’t, as the maze at Merchant Square is a world first. The aim is to guess which jets will soak you to the skin and which will just get your feet wet.  See if you can escape without getting splashed…or if you want to cool off on a hot summer’s day, just jump right in!

Try some paddleboarding on the basin

paddle boarding

Since Merchant Square is right next to the Paddington Basin, you have plenty of chances to get out on the water. But the most exciting way is definitely paddleboarding! Stand up carefully on the thick foam board, and navigate through the basin and back again by using a standing paddle.

For those who want to try something new and destress at the same time, you can even take part in yoga classes on paddleboards. You’ll definitely concentrate on your balance more.

Watch the moving bridges

While you’re waiting to dry off, why not take some videos of the moving bridges? The fan bridge, split into five pieces that rise to different angles to let boats through, has scheduled openings three times a week. The rolling bridge unfurls over the water before slotting back together when it rolls back up. Both bridges move at the same time, so you can pick your favourite after you’ve seen them both in action. With free WiFi at the Grand Park London Paddington, you can edit and share to your heart’s content at the end of the day.

Visit the floating park

floating park london

Just opened this year, the Paddington floating park is meant to be enjoyed. People can walk over the water, have picnics around the communal seating, and even spy on the local wildlife as they waddle up via the specially-made duck ramp! It has free Wi-Fi for everyone from travellers to local workers, and will even have different plants for different seasons.

Work hard, play hard

Merchant park has traditional outdoor games for everyone to enjoy. Table tennis, petanque, and giant board games are all available to play for free. If you’ve ever dreamed of taking on your friends and family in a life size Jenga or Connect 4 tournament, now’s your chance.

See what’s on

Merchant Square’s website has a great calendar of activities lined up. From boat races along the basin to miniature pop-up petting zoos, it’s well worth seeing what’s on so you can make the most of your morning.

After you have a great morning at Merchant Square, it’s only a quick walk to the nearest Tube station. You can continue your adventure all over London!