St Patrick’s Day in London


This is one event which is not only celebrated in England but in most part of the world. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in the 17th of March in the remembrance of the famous supporter saints of Ireland. On this day there is huge parades songs music and people enjoy it with large variety of food drink and activities for all age groups. St Patrick is one of those days when people remember the patron and was regarded as a religious holiday, but later in the year 1903 it eventually became a public holiday.

It particularly celebrates the Irish spirit and culture, It was initially a 1 day event when people from all the part of England and Ireland would come together and enjoy the true spirit of the festival eventually increased to a 5 day event .If you happen to be in London during this time then you must certainly take some time out to enjoy the cultural and religious spirit of St Patrick’s day. St. Patricks day may depict the true colors of being an Irish but people of all religion and regions come together to celebrate this festival. People normally come down to the street and celebrate this festival together. There are activities like mob dance, horse riding, children’s fun activities and cultural events