Take a tour of Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is one of London’s most iconic spaces. Most notably associated with football, the venue also provides ample room for events of all kinds, including everything from banquets to conferences. In this blog, we’ll quickly guide you through some of the best things to see on a Wembley Stadium Tour…

Highlights of the Wembley Stadium Tour

While there’s lots to enjoy during each tour, there are a few main sights which every football fan is certain to want to see while staying at the Grand Park Hotel Paddington.

From the historic to the brand new, the tour usually lasts around 75 minutes and helps visitors see the space where England celebrated its famous World Cup victory back in 1966, as well as the venue chosen to host 1985’s Live Aid concert and many other major cultural events in the decades since. The tour gives visitors an insider look at some of the places which others never see, so it’s well-worth the trip during your stay in London.

Major highlights include:

  • The England Dressing Room

The official stadium tour takes you on a behind-the-scenes trip through some of the key areas within the venue, and the Grand Park Hotel Paddington is close enough to the property for you to reach Wembley Stadium with ease. One of the most significant sights is the England Dressing Room, which hosts the home team as they prepare for each game.

  • The Press Room and Royal Box

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to great the world’s press after a match, this is the place to find out! The press room at Wembley Stadium is a hive of activity, and those enjoying the tour can even pose for a few souvenir photographs at the luxurious Royal Box during their visit, getting a taste of the sporting high life.

  • Player’s Tunnel

A trip to the player’s tunnel is another incredible way to really get involved in the tension and atmosphere of Wembley Stadium while staying at Queens Garden Hotels, and visitors will be able to travel the same route taken by players before they take to the pitch.

Discover Sport Artefacts

Part of the joy of any sport is the many trophies and artefacts which gather over the years, and Wembley Stadium is home to more than 56 years’ of memorabilia. Visitors to the Wembley Stadium tour can walk through the history of football not only in the UK, but throughout Europe, as well as viewing items like the Olympic Torch from 1948 and prizes which have been accumulated at this stadium since it was first opened. Key items on display also include the likes of David Beckham’s Manchester United shirt, Steven Gerrard’s captain armband from 2005, and many more. To relive some of the finest moments in football and really immerse yourself in the sport, there is no better way than to join an exciting Wembley stadium tour.