The London Beatles Stores- The ultimate destination of the Beatles Memorabilia


Are you a die-hard fan of the floppy-haired guys from the Beatles? Do you dream of looking like Macca, Lennon and co.? Then, the London Beatles Stores can offer you a lot of things that can make your dream come true. Yes, it’s true and you can really explore a lot that can make you look like your dream guys. The London Beatles Stores is the first and only store in the city , which consists of a large inventory of new and original 60s memorabilia of the Beatles. Their stocks consists of a wide range of items, such as t-shirts, records, posters, collectibles, new and old, and last but not the least, the autographs. Isn’t that interesting?

There’s hardly a few who does not like Beatles. These happening guys had fans across the world and many people who come to visit the city look for the memorabilia of the Beatles. In this store, you can get all the original items at the best rates. You can try on band t-shirts and check out if you are looking funky like the Beatles’ guys. Also you can buy yourself a mug, and prepare to adorn your walls with old posters. In fact, with all these items, you can have all those what you requires to live with the Beatles right at your home. For the rare records of the band, such as “She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah” , you can also check out the huge selection at The London Beatles Stores.