The National Gallery London 2014 Exhibitions


Located on Trafalgar Square, National Gallery is one of the most iconic art museums of England. It was founded in 1824 and is known for displaying a collection of more than 2,000 paintings, some of which are very rare and exclusive. You can explore the collections for free. The National Gallery London is the 5th most visited art gallery/museum in the world. The collections housed inside the gallery are on display throughout the year without any holiday or break of any kind. This year promises to bring some amazing events and exhibitions at the National Gallery. Some of the current events which you can enjoy include –

  • Strange Beauty – Masters of German Renaissance – The exhibition is on display till May 11th 2014. The exhibition interprets the German Renaissance art works, offering you a fresher and more modern perspective.
  • Veronese – Magnificence in Renaissance Venice – This exhibition is on display till 15th June 2014 and is getting popularized because of the sheer size of the paintings and of course, because of Veronese’s spectacular talent and understanding of the world.
  • The Sunflowers – The exhibition which was started in the month of January will stay in place till 27th April 2014. Sunflowers will give you an opportunity to observe the reunion of Vincent van Gogh’s two most legendary ‘Sunflower’ paintings. You will be able to compare these two masterpieces at the same time.
  • The National Gallery Masterpiece Tour – In order to promote regional art museums, the Gallery is taking some of the most loved art works on tour this year.
  • Belle Shenkman Music Programme – The music is inspired by the paintings which are on display in Room No. 34.

If you feel like exploring the neighbouring areas of the National Gallery, visit attractions like – The Fourth Plinth, The Strand Gallery, Leicester Square, St Paul’s Convent Garden, Stephen Wiltshire Gallery, Piccadilly Circus, Household Cavalry Museum, London Transport Museum, Whitehall, Elms Lester Painting Rooms, The London Eye, Somerset House and Churchill War Rooms.

Reaching the Gallery – The nearest station is the Charing Cross Tube Station. You can also get down at the Leicester Square Tube Station.