Things to do near Lancaster Gate Station


West London is a hive of activity, with plenty to see and do for all who pass through this wonderfully vibrant and exciting place. From open green spaces to spectacular cinemas, you won’t be bored for a moment when exploring the area near Lancaster Gate Station.

So what are the top attractions you should definitely aim to visit during your time in West London? Take a look at the options below and witness the extraordinary wealth of variety on offer.

Kensington Gardens

When we mentioned green spaces just now, we were of course talking about the incredible Kensington Gardens, a truly gorgeous stretch of royal parkland that remains impeccably kept and absolutely beautiful. Standing in the middle, you could almost fool yourself into thinking you’re in the middle of Yorkshire. Well, a rural part of Yorkshire, that is. Not one of the cities. As well as strolling around the Serpentine to Hyde Park, you’ll want to meander through the flower walk, which is full of wildlife even during the cooler seasons. Wander through and find tame squirrels and all manner of birds, as well as gorgeous specimens of flower that attract beautiful butterflies.

Queen Carolines Temple in Kensington Gardens

Taking a brisk stroll through Kensington Gardens on a winter day is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. So too is spreading out a blanket on the grass during the warmer months and having a picnic. But if you’re looking for something a little more cultural in this patch of greenness, then you need look no further than Kensington Palace. This superb building has a rich history behind it, as well as architectural splendour. Exploring it could provide the perfect break to your wander around the gardens themselves.


You haven’t been to the cinema until you’ve tried it London-style – in as luxurious a fashion as possible. Near Lancaster Gate station, you will find high-class shopping centre Whiteleys, which plays host to the Lounge Cinema as run by Odeon. You can expect all the latest releases, but the movies themselves are only part of the action at this prestigious venue. Expect to be offered first-class service upon entry, being shown to your seat and offered an extraordinary variety of drinks. The Lounge has decided that popcorn is no longer in fashion and full meals are served during the film, between clever seating that has been designed so that trays can be delivered without getting in the way of the people behind.

And what food… Part of the Lounge’s ethos is to deliver high-quality meals quite unlike what you’d usually expect at the cinema. The meals contain high-quality ingredients and are prepared by experienced chefs. Fantastic stuff indeed. These little additions are certain to make you appreciate a trip out to the cinema all the more.

The Royal Albert Hall

Situated not far from Kensington Gardens, the Royal Albert Hall dominates the skyline with its imposing circular walls and domed roof. Its impressive structure is, if anything, only bested by the calibre of events that take place in here. Opera, rock concerts, popular singers, boy bands, musicals, ballet – few forms of music and performance haven’t graced its boards at some point or another. Getting tickets on the day is often possible thanks to a lottery for certain performance, and it’s especially worth visiting if you’re in London during the famous summer programme of music known as the proms. World class classical music concerts take place at the renowned venue every day, and tickets are always available at excellent prices if you’re willing to queue up on the date of the show.


There are many benefits to staying in West London. Easy access to the central districts via Paddington Station. A brisk walk through the picturesque Kensington Gardens to some of the best museums in the entire country. World class shopping. Fantastic cinema. Markets and more, all within easy distance.

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