Too Cool For School


London has a lot to offer outside of the usual tourist attractions and retail districts. The city is full of great minds and often hosts a number of specialists from around the world. If you want to experience something different and broaden your perspective while staying at your London Paddington Hotel, then why not take advantage of the knowledge that London has to offer? Here are some of the best upcoming talks and lectures throughout the month that will surely get you thinking.

The Impact of the Russian Revolution 1917–1922

June 15, Marx Memorial Library

For anyone interested in history then this talk on the Russian Revolution will give a new perspective on an event that has had long lasting effects on the world. The lecture is presented by Professors Mary Davis and Tommy Hodgson, who outline the issues that led to the revolution. The event had wide-ranging international implications and the talk gives listeners an insight into its effects on the economy and wider society. Hosted at the Marx Memorial Library, this event will provide an intriguing perspective on a story rarely told.

Little House of Science

June, Various Locations

Little House of Science

It’s important for children to learn about science, but more importantly to realise that learning can be fun and interesting. This series of workshops gives parents and kids the opportunity to take part in exciting experiments and fun-filled projects. The classes introduce children to the world of science and teach them about life and the earth. Workshops are hosted by the Little House of Science group, with events at different venues all over London.

Apocalypse How

June 28, The Royal Institute, Mayfair

The theory that the sun will eventually expand to a point where it swallows the earth is a scary prospect. But don’t worry too much, this isn’t supposed to occur for at least a billion years according to scientist Lewis Dartnell. Join him and a panel of other researchers as they discuss some of the ways in which the oncoming apocalypse can be prevented.

Machine morality: Robot ethics in the 21st Century

The world of technology is constantly evolving and our lives have gradually become more and more reliant on electronic computer programs and robotic machines. Thousands of jobs and tasks have now been taken over by machines and this talk by Alan Winfield and Raja Chatila explores the ethical implication of this technological movement. The question of whether robots can and should be taught to make ethical decisions is an important issue as society moves forward. This talk will provide an in-depth look at whether robots will inevitably become sentient, giving listeners the opportunity to put their thoughts forward.


June 13, The Royal Institute

Science has made huge leaps forward since the times of ancient Greeks and Romans, with our understanding of the world around us becoming increasingly profound. This highly detailed talk from Jim Baggott explores the nature of matter and how scientific discoveries have changed our understanding of it.

If you feel like giving your brain a work out and learning something new, then one of these talks will be perfect for you. The locations are all in close range of the Park Grand London Paddington, which means you can get back and relax easily after an intense day of thinking.