Top 4 Things To See At The Science Museum This Autumn


Taking a trip to London is like journeying through time, hunting for treasure and learning the secrets of the world all at the same time. The many museums and art institutions around the city make London a fountain of knowledge and a wondrous place of discovery.

The Science Museum is one of the most popular attractions near our Park Grand Paddington suites and offers visitors a chance to uncover the wonders of science and technology. Be sure to take advantage of our London Paddington hotel deals so you can check out some of these amazing exhibits.

science museum london


If you’re a fan of futuristic technology or the Sci-Fi genre, this cutting-edge exhibit will make you feel as though you’ve been teleported years into the future. The Robot installation at the Science Museum has been designed to illustrate the evolution of robotics throughout history from ancient machinery to advanced technology. Say hello to the interactive robot and help your kids learn about the wonders of technology and the advantages that robotic technology offers. This is a must-see exhibit for any technology fans looking to take advantage of our London Paddington hotel deals.

VR Space Decent

The magic of virtual reality technology has given people all over the world a chance to experience amazing things that they would never ordinarily get to see. The Science Museum has created a unique exhibit that allows visitors to strap on a pair of advanced VR goggles and journey through the stratosphere and into space. This immersive experience will put you in the driver’s seat of the Soyuz capsule and will allow you to pilot the vessel through the vastness of space on a journey from the ISS back to Earth. This is a truly breathtaking experience that kids will really enjoy.

Illuminating India

This in-depth exhibit looks into the history of discovery and enlightenment in a country that has had a profound influence on the advancement of science, technology, and maths. For thousands of years, India has been ahead of the curve in numerous academic industries and has continued to innovate and advance in many areas of research. From conservation projects carried out by ancient emperors to modern day discoveries in the world of medicine, this unique experience will show you how India has helped to shape the modern world.

The Garden

Anyone traveling to London with children will not want to miss out on a chance to let their tots play in The Garden. This unique indoor playground offers a learning experience like no other. The series of pipes and waterways will help engage your child’s imagination and creativity while teaching them about the way water works and how different mechanism operate. This is a perfect opportunity to get your youngsters engaged in science and to help them develop new friends and interact with other kids their own age in a fun and exciting environment.