Top Recommendations for a Morning in Bayswater


Located within central London, Bayswater is one of London’s most cosmopolitan districts, offering plenty to see and do within easy reach. The area is part of both the City of Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, close to Charring Cross and Kensington Gardens. If you find yourself with a morning free, here’re our top recommendations for things to see and do…

Royal Albert Hall

Amongst London’s most famous concert spaces, the Royal Albert Hall is noted for hosting a number of fantastic cultural events throughout the year, offering everything from more modern productions to orchestral, operatic and classical musicians.

Royal Albert Hall

The world-famous Proms are held here, and even if you’re not stopping in for a show, a morning walk past will showcase this impressive building in all its glory. First opening in 1871, today you can take a tour to discover all about how this building came to be. This is great for exploring local culture during your visit to the Park Grand Kensington, and sure to be particularly fun for music fans, history buffs and true London enthusiasts seeking to discover all they can about the surrounding area.

Marble Arch

The Marble Arch

The name given to an impressive white triumphal arch, Marble Arch dates all the way back to the 19th century. Designed by John Nash in 1827, it was first intended to be the entrance of Buckingham Palace and today stands close to the palace’s famed balcony. Entrance to the archway is limited only to members of the Royal Household, and generally only during state occasions and processions. However, the arch can be seen from the road, and marks a great part of any whistle-stop tour of Bayswater during your stay at the Park Grand Paddington.

Horse Head Monument besides the Marble Arch

London Bridge

London Bridge

It’s difficult to find a visitor to the city who doesn’t know about London Bridge – and it’s not hard to see why. This imposing structure spans the Thames and can be seen by boat, car or by simply getting to a high enough vantage point to see the fabulous London skyline on foot. When taking advantage of London hotels special offers, no trip to London is really complete without catching a glimpse of this landmark structure.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park London

This is one of London’s most famous green spaces, close to both Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace. It has a long history, established by Henry VIII in 1536, and has grown in popularity over the centuries to today be a major part of London life. Now closely associated with free speech and protests, Hyde Park includes Speakers Corner, first established in 1872 as a space where anyone can discuss concepts and ideas freely. It has also become well-established as an area where musicians come to play and public events take place, including large scale concerns. The tradition of hosting cultural events is not a new one for Hyde Park, as this is the site where the Great Exhibition was held in 1851.