Trafalgar Square Events 2014


British greatest hero Lord Nelson and the courageous persons those who surrounded Lord Nelson pay honor to the Trafalgar square at the middle of the capital the prodness of the country , the honor of the country who once upon a time had ruled half of the world . There are victorious symbols of this deeds on the national gallery .the fourth plinth is now used to be shown as a modern art ,the beginning of which was Mark Wallinger’s ecce home in 1999 .

There are large number of events that are held here in the season of summer showing one of the sensational London’s multicultural music and dance scenes. The Trafalgar square is the end point of all the protest marches and is a cry rolling point of British counter culture.

The center of London bus network is also at Trafalgar square. and also an important stage on night trip from bus at home. This is the reason why it is called as the heart of London and also it can be said as one of London treasured spot. A very beautiful place to visit with a lot if history and ethics and the beauty of London stays here at the Trafalgar square.

There are many events which occur in this place and all are of different types one of them is the Royal opera house BP big screens 2014this event is a film fervent with film festivals & seasons in the year 2014 it starts from 20 may 2014 to 17 sept 2014 , Katharina Fritsch Hahn cock this is an exhibition event in which art exhibition and sculptures are done this event starts from 25 July 2014 and ends in 31 jan 2015 the another event is the BP big screen the royal opera rigoleeto this is a event of concerts opera Italian opera which starts from17 sept 2014 at 7.30 pm.