Transportation in London


UK’s capital London is a huge metropolitan city with tourist attractions scattered all over. There is hardly a zone in the city and its surroundings that doesn’t houses something interesting for the visitors. For an outsider making maiden London trip, the city routes may seem puzzling and confusing, but in reality it is not at all like that, thanks to the well developed transport systems that link each and every part of the city very well. Transportation in London is acclaimed across the world for its smoothness and great frequency. There are several modes of transport availing which one can easily move from one part of London to another and explore the city without any worries.

London underground:

The most famous mode of transportation in London is the underground railway system, better known as London Underground and Tube Rail. The railway service that started serving people way back in 1863 is the oldest metro railway system in the world. Over the years, the underground railway system has witnessed drastic changes which have simply made the transportation better. Today the London Underground railway system serves an area of over 400 kms and there are 270 tube stations from where people can avail the trains. The London Underground trains travel in 11 lines majority of which connect Central London and its suburbs which are packed houses, in terms of tourist attractions.

Docklands Light Railway:

Another convenient mode of traveling in East London is the Docklands Light Railway, an automated light railway system that serves the Docklands area in the eastern part of the city. The Docklands Light Railway has got five branches through which it serves areas such as the City of London, the Isle of Dogs, Royal Docks, Stratford, Lewisham, Woolwich, London City Airport and Stratford International.


The tramway of London is not only major mode of communication in London but also a part of its heritage. London’s tram system dates back to early Victorian era. Today however the original trams and lines do not exist. They have been replaced by a new system which serves the business center of Croydon, its surrounding suburbs and the town centre of Wimbledon.

Besides, other modes such as the Heavy Rail, Commuter Rail, Intercity Rail and buses make communication and traveling in London for the visitors a very easy affair.

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