The ultimate guide to the London train stations

train station

Every day, thousands of people travel in and around London to visit the famous landmarks and travel to work. As one of the oldest in the world, the city’s transport system features a collection of historic train stations.

If you’re planning a trip to the Park Grand Paddington from within the UK, it’s likely that you’ll be travelling via train. Even if you’re flying in from abroad, odds are that you’ll use the trains on your way to our hotels near Paddington Station. Here’s a look at some of the famous stations you can visit.


Waterloo Road, London

Waterloo Railway Station in London

This famous train station has been mentioned in a number of songs and has become known to travellers and music lovers all over the world. Waterloo Station isn’t the largest station in London but it holds the crown as the busiest in the UK. It was opened in 1848 in what was a growing commercial area and has quickly become a bustling hub for commuters and tourists. The station crosses four of the major Underground lines and boasts a wide range of retail outlets and eateries.

Paddington Station

Praed Street, London

London Tube station

This is the best station to travel to if you’re planning a trip to the Park Grand Paddington. The central location makes it ideal if you’re travelling with the family as you won’t have far to travel to get to your hotel room. The station is one of the oldest in London and often gets a lot of traffic during peak times from tourists and commuters. There is a range of shops and eateries in Paddington Station which means you can enjoy a nice drink or a meal after a long train journey.

St Pancras International

Euston Road, London

If you’re travelling to London on the train from within or outside of the UK, you will most likely travel to or through this famous train station. St Pancras International is one of London’s biggest railway stations and gets thousands of visitors every day. The central location means that it’s often used as a connecting station for those travelling around the city. The built-in Underground station is linked to six main lines and the Eurostar station gives you access to international routes.

King’s Cross Station

Euston Road, London

Kings cross station London

Located right across the road from St Pancras International, this famous station is one of the oldest in London. Over the years, there have been several upgrades and refurbishment projects which have updated the services at King’s Cross. The station is particularly popular amongst Harry Potter fans thanks to the addition of platform 9¾ shortly after the release of the hit films. If you’re travelling with the kids, be sure to check out the Harry Potter Shop and browse the huge range of official merchandise. There are also a number of luxury retailers and eateries at King’s Cross so you’ll have plenty to do while waiting for your train.