Unbeatable thrills for visitors to the London Dungeon


Visitors to the London Dungeon will simply love the variety of attractions on offer during their visit, with guests treated to a living history of the last 1,000 years of the English capital.

With a cast of more than 20 actors providing live and interactive shows spanning some of the most important periods of the capital’s rich history, guests can be sure they will leave with a better understanding of the grim past that the city was built upon.

However, when it comes to unique thrills, it is the chilling rides that could leave visitors that little more shaken, so here we’re taking a closer look at what Dungeon visitors have in store:

The Tyrant Boat Ride

Imagine the terror that must have been felt by Anne Boleyn during her final journey from the Tower of London to the axeman’s blade – well visitors to London Dungeon simply don’t have to, as The Tyrant gives them that very experience!

Riders are joined by Henry VIII’s loyal servant The Black Jester, as they wend their way through intense fog, darkness and choppy waters to their final execution.

Acclaimed thespian Brian Blessed takes on the role of the murderous Henry VIII and visitors will be left in no doubt as to the extent of the fury of one of England’s most feared monarchs at the height of his reign.

Drop Dead: Drop Ride to Doom

The Long Drop, better known as the hangman’s noose was first used in England at Newgate Prison in 1783 and visitors to the London Dungeon will gain a better understanding of this truly shocking spectacle.

Described as “the ultimate end to [the] dungeon journey”, the ride is a free-fall drop of 1.4 metres and is not suitable for visitors that are pregnant, suffer from heart complaints or have a pacemaker, as well as those with photosensitive epilepsy.

The ride shows visitors what was entailed in ‘the long drop’, as well as its subsequent effect on the body, all accompanied by the chilling ‘crack’ of the tightening noose.