Underground London: 5 Things to do in London off the Beaten Track

Things to do in London

If you’ve visited London before, you’ve probably already visited some of her most well-known tourist attractions and landmarks.

But what if I told you that there was still an array of hidden treasures to be uncovered away from the crowds? Follow me off the beaten track and discover five of the hidden gems that London has to offer…

Afternoon tea on the water

Just a stone’s throw away from the Chilworth London Paddington hotel is the quaint Waterside Café in Little Venice. Far from just your standard off street tearoom, the Waterside Café is a narrowboat hidden amidst the picturesque canals that this area is renowned for and makes for the perfect escape away from the hustle and bustle of London’s busy streets during the lunchtime rush.

Simply head north from the Chilworth London Paddington hotel towards Little Venice and see if you can spot this floating treasure.

Some notable ex-residents

If you’re staying in one of our hotels in Paddington, you’re perfectly placed to head out for our next off the beaten track.

 St. Mary’s Church

In the lush green space that surrounds the historic St. Mary’s Church in Paddington, you’ll spot several memorials for a few notable figures that previously lived in the area including 18th century actress, Sarah Siddons, artist Joseph Nollekens and the celebrated writer and creator of the much-loved children’s character Paddington bear.

Can you find them all?

Sheldon Square

Close to the Chilworth Paddington London and far more modern than our last detour off the beaten track is the vibrant Sheldon Square, a new and bold development just off the canal that boasts an array of funky cafes ideal for the coffee lover.

During the summer months Sheldon Square is home to various markets featuring handcrafted products from local artisans and entertaining street performers, so it’s the perfect place to spend a few hours soaking up the atmosphere.

London’s favourite bear

If you are staying in any of our hotels in Paddington, then no visit would be complete without a visit to see London’s favourite bear. Safely tucked away from the throngs of crowds visiting the usual tourist attractions, Paddington Bear can be found at the very end of platform one at Paddington Station, but you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled as the little bronze statue is easy to miss!

The Rolling Bridge

This is definitely one for the engineering and architecture enthusiasts, The Rolling Bridge is a wonder of modern design and connects the two sides of the Grand Union Canal at the Paddington Basin.

Easily accessible from the Chilworth London Paddington hotel if you’re seeking great quality accommodation, the Rolling Bridge was designed by Thomas Heatherwick who is also responsible for the cauldron that housed the Olympic Bridge and the Routemaster buses that transport tourists and locals all over the city.

See if you can see the intentional resemblance to a Ferris week in the design and don’t forget to take your camera for those must-have photos!