The undiscovered gems of Brixton


Brixton is one of London’s most vibrant boroughs. The urban hotspot has a rich history that spans many decades and different cultures. It has been the birthplace of famous musicians, artists and cultural trends.

During your stay at our boutique Hotel Paddington London, venture down to Brixton and explore the bustling streets to get an alternative look at London’s culture. This guide will highlight some of the must-see spots in Brixton to check out after setting off from the Park Grand London.

O2 Academy Brixton

Stockwell Road, London

If you’re looking for places to spend an evening out during your time at our boutique Hotel Paddington London, you’ll find a roster of incredibly talented artists at the O2 Academy in Brixton. The venue has become a hotspot for locals and tourists in the area thanks to an annual events calendar that just gets better every year. Whether you’re looking for laughs or you simply wanted to dance the night away to your favourite music, the O2 covers all bases. Upcoming performances include Feeder, The Stranglers and Bowling for Soup. There’s always something for everyone so be sure to check out the listings.

Chocolate Museum

Ferndale Road, London

choclate museum

You may not find the answers of the universe or a timeline of human evolution here but if you’re a lover of chocolate, you won’t want to miss out on a trip to this quirky museum. More than just a place for those with a sweet tooth to browse a vast collection of chocolate treats, the Brixton-based museum showcases the history of chocolate and provides insight into how the industry has changed over the years. From its origins in South America to its new home on the shelves of shops around the world, learn all about how chocolate was discovered and how it’s been used through the ages.

Black Cultural Archives

Windrush Square, London

Part of what makes Brixton such a cultural paradise is the rich history brought to the area by the black communities that live there. Brixton has strong roots in Africa and the Caribbean and the Black Cultural Archives provide an incredible opportunity to learn more about it. The archive was established by renowned historian, Len Garrison and aims to celebrate the history of black people in Britain by documenting and showcasing their achievements.


Brixton Road, London


If you’re hoping to do a bit of shopping while in London, be sure to check out this 130-year-old department store to find some of the best shops and boutiques in the city. Over the years, Morleys has been a go-to spot for local shoppers and tourists looking for alternative styles and unique fashion. From traditional African clothing to cutting-edge indie fashion, you’ll have no problem spicing up your look. Whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s or children’s clothing, there’s plenty to choose from. You’ll also find a wide selection of beauty products, accessories, tech gadgets and homeware as you explore Morleys.