Unique And Interesting Things To Do In Paddington


Paddington is a great place to explore and visit, making it a favourite with many tourists and Londoners, who love the area for its luxury shopping options and interesting attractions. This is a grand area of London, where you can find lovely garden squares, and canals as well as lots of places around to eat, drink and sleep for the night. This district of London is in a great location, as it’s close to many of London’s famous attractions. There are many unique and interesting Activities To Do Around Paddington, and you could quite easily spend a week travelling around, visiting all the shops and dining in the best restaurants. These attractions are also close to luxurious Hotels In Paddington London, where the accommodation is elegant and refined and you are guaranteed and proper nights rest.  Some of the best of the capitals attractions are in the Paddington area, so it’s the perfect place to stay in if you want to make the most out of all that London has to offer. In this article we will look at some of the best things you can do when you’re in Paddington, if you’re looking for a unique and interesting experience.

Alexandra Fleming Laboratory Museum

alexander fleming laboratory museum

Who was the brains behind the discovery of Penicillin? Well if you visit The Alexandra Fleming Museum, you’re sure to find out! This is one of the best places to visit if you’re in the Paddington area, and it’s definitely a day trip worth planning.  Here, you can find out the story behind the discovery of Penicillin with a very informative, interactive tour, and video presentation. Here, will have a chance to explore the actual laboratory where Alexandra Fleming first discovered the famous antibiotic, and you’ll learn in-depth about his journey and how the medicine was found. The museum is critical if you want to learn about one of the most important aspects of modern medicine and it is visited by thousands of people throughout the year. This is an attraction that offers you an invaluable learning experience, so make a day out of it and head down there with friends or family, when you’re in the area.

Little Venice

Little Venice in London

Little Venice is a gorgeous little area with a lot to offer visitors to Paddington! There is plenty to do in this area which is largely occupied by water, whether you want to relax in a café or view and take pictures of the beautiful Venetian style boats. Little Venice is not only unique thanks to the fact that it’s inspired by a break taking region in Italy- it’s also the perfect secret getaway for many people looking to escape the noise, and busy nature of Central London. You can take canal boat rides, or view a puppet show on a barge, and there’s lots of pubs, restaurants and cafes, so you can sit down and enjoy a light lunch in the sun. This quaint area is quiet and peaceful and is a welcoming place for many visitors, who prefer a serene environment where they can talk a walk, or enjoy some food.